Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, the notion of ‘travel’ has largely been restricted to a local context;

A notion that would surely pierce the heart of the most avid of travelers.

But here’s the thing. Though overseas travel is undeniably more exciting in a sense, local travel isn’t exactly far behind. And with a diverse array of local tours to hype things up…

You may just find yourself having as much fun as you would’ve overseas.

10 Local Tours In S’pore That’s Just As Fun As Going Overseas Since We’re having $100 Vouchers Soon

1. Creepy Tales Of Singapore Tour

The Hungry Ghost Festival may be over, but you can still treat yourself to a ‘horror’ fest.

Run by Oriental Travel & Tours, the ‘Creepy Tales of Singapore’ tour brings you to the creepiest sites in Singapore, complete with ‘Ghost Hunting’ equipment and spine-chilling stories about World War II.

Walk along a bridge in an ulu hill, where many are rumoured to have lost their lives. Explore a coastal gun battery near a beach, a place which once served as the massacre site for thousands of innocent people. And last but not least, discover one of the world’s largest Chinese cemeteries, with an estimated 100,000+ tombs waiting for you.

You can check out more details of the tour here.

Duration: 3 hours

Price: $150 Per Person (Min. 2 Pax)

2. Diving In Palau Hantu

Love to witness deep-dwelling marine life first-hand?

Well, this tour’s definitely for you.

Operated by Cuddlefish Divers, the ‘Diving in Palau Hantu’ tour brings you underwater in the most magnificent fashion possible:

Via a boat dive onboard the Dolphin Explorer.

Armed with the necessary diving equipment, you will come face to face with exquisite marine creatures you’ve only really seen on TV before.

You can learn more about the tour here.

You can also opt for their 3 trip package if you happen to have two other like-minded friends.

Prices (without package): SGD 110 – No Guide, SGD 138 – With Guide, SGD 20 – Gear Rental

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Prices (with the package): SGD 98 – No Guide, SGD 130 – With Guide, SGD 20 – Gear Rental (No Wetsuit)

3. Pasir Ris Beach Wildlife Tour

Love to cycle and appreciate nature at the same time? Well then…


Look no further than The Cycle Startup’s Pasir Ris Beach Wildlife Tour.

Expected to take around four to five hours, this tour will take you through the scenic likes of Punggol Park, Pasir Ris Beach Park, Lorong Halus and Waterway Point, with an adequate number of stops and photo opportunities nestled in between.

And with a projected distance of just over 20km, participants can cycle to their hearts’ content, all the while admiring the often underrated wildlife of Singapore.

Image: thecyclestartup.com.sg/tours

You can learn more about the tour here.

Duration: 4 hours


Price: SGD 40 per person (excluding a special offer of 20% off all operating tours, which runs till 31 October 2020)

4. Bike & Bites Food Tour

So maybe you don’t like wildlife that much.

“Pfft…” you couldn’t help but utter as you sayang your bicycle with aplomb. “Wildlife? I would rather have food.”

Yet at the same time, you don’t wish to sacrifice your trusty bike in your imminent conquest for food.

“If only there was a combination of cycling and food.” you sigh. “But that’s just next to impossible-”


Well then, the Bike & Bites Food Tour is definitely for you!


Run by Let’s Go Tour Singapore, the Bike & Bites Food Tour takes you on a 3-hour guided tour whereby you’ll sample local delicacies from various ethnic groups, all the while burning calories on your bike!

With the likes of traditional soy sauce chicken, Gado Gado, prata and more, this is one tour that cycling and food enthusiasts cannot afford to pass up.

And did I mention how you’ll also be able to immerse in local culture, arts, heritage and more at the same time?


In other words, it’s perfect.

Image: letsgotoursingapore.com

You can check out more details of the tour here.

Duration: 3 hours


Price: From S$90 per person

5. 牛车水 Murders – Outdoor Escape Room Game Tour

Operated by Tribe Tours, this local outdoor escape room game tour has participants solving a series of puzzles around Chinatown, as they try to locate a serial killer who’s on the loose.

Played in teams of 2-5, you will be able to determine your own route, as well as the choice of items to pick. The tourist guide will also serve as a gamemaster and an in-game character at the same time and will share their affiliation with other vital characters with you.

You can learn more about the game tour here.


Duration: 2 hours

Price: S$42.50 per player (15% off its regular price)

6. Kampong Glam: Street Art Tour & Workshop

Always dreamt of spray-painting actual walls without having to spend a night behind bars?

Well, this particular street art tour guarantees you just that: a graffiti experience without the illegality.

Run by Culture Curious Singapore Tours, the Kampong Glam: Street Art Tour will guide you through the area’s hidden, graffiti-adorned alleyways, and impart to you the arts of spray painting via a workshop led by professional artists.


You can even try spray painting on actual walls, and get a self-designed tote bag as a take-home souvenir!

Image: culturecurious.biz
Image: culturecurious.biz

You can learn more about the tour here.

Price: SGD$95/person (UP: $118) / A minimum of 3 persons is required

7. Singapore Hawker Center Food Tour in Chinatown

Singapore’s hawker centres actually boast an amazing array of food, but navigating them can prove a little taxing.

Which is where this Singapore Hawker Center Food Tour (in Chinatown) comes in handy.


With this tour, check out one of the city’s biggest hawker centres with a guide, who will take you on an insider tour of the market and Chinatown neighbourhood.

No worries about having to fork out extra for individual dish prices as well, as all food is supposedly included in the tour.

Image: tripadvisor.com.sg

You can learn more about the private tour here.

Duration: 3 hours 30 mins

Price: From SGD$119.82


8. Lights, Camera, Action!

Always craved deeper knowledge of the local filmmaking industry?

This private tour by Lets Go Tour Singapore may just do the trick.

With the Lights, Camera, Action! tour, expect to learn more about the film and cinema industry in Singapore over the century, as well as the essence of Cinematography in terms of Mise-En-Scene, Camera Techniques, Lighting Theories and Storyboarding.

You’ll even be able to produce your own short video by the end of the tour, where you can be your own actor, scriptwriter and director!


You can check out more details of the tour here.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $200 per session (2-3 pax), $250 per session (4-5 pax)

9. Lets Go Kelong Tour

Hosted by Lets Go Tour Singapore, this sea-trekking private tour allows you to discover the North Eastern Banks of Singapore in the span of just two hours.

Board an actual boat and enjoy the sights, as a licensed guide takes you through the kelongs that you may never have known about.


You can learn more about the tour here.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $450 per session (per boat for max 5 pax)

10. 1 Hour Limousine Tour Around Singapore

Tired of the conventional? Well, how about being a tourist in your own country in the most unimaginable way possible…

By exploring it in an actual limousine?

That’s right, folks. With the 1-hour limousine tour, you can experience an unforgettable sightseeing tour of Singapore with top-notch comfort.

And to further enrich your limo experience, feel free to choose from their multitude of tours and activities, or contact their team to personalise your ride as per your unique tastes and preferences!

Image: raynatours.com

You can learn more about the tour here.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: SGD$366.415 per pax


Lest you’re unaware, it was announced earlier this week that every Singaporean, aged 18 and above in 2020, will be entitled to S$100 worth of SingapoRediscovers vouchers.

According to Channel News Asiathese vouchers can be used on staycations, attraction tickets and tours, and can be applied between December this year and the end of June next year.

More details on the redemption mechanism will be revealed in November.

And so, if you’re not one for staycations or attractions, why not spend the voucher on one of these local tours?

For all you know, it may just be as fun as going overseas. 🙂

GIF: Giphy.com

You can find out more below:


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