In the past, when our COVID-19 case numbers used to decrease every day, it’d be cause for celebration.

Indeed, if cases do dwindle beyond a certain point, the authorities may ease some COVID-19 measures such as allowing household members to dine-in together.

But the sad fact is that despite the fluctuations in our daily case count, too many people are succumbing to the disease every day.

14 More COVID-19 Fatalities

14 more COVID-19 cases passed away from complications, bringing our death toll to 329.

They were aged between 60 and 93 and had various underlying medical conditions, according to the Ministry of Health (MOH).

However, the ministry did not specify what those conditions were, nor how many of them were unvaccinated.

3,174 New COVID-19 Cases

3,174 new COVID-19 cases were reported yesterday (25 Oct), a decrease of 209 from the previous day’s tally.

The cases comprise 2,843 infections in the community, 322 in migrant worker dormitories, and nine imported infections.

Among the local cases are 359 seniors above 60.

The weekly infection growth rate as of yesterday is 1.18, not far from the figure of 1 that the authorities are targeting before they ease more measures.

IMH Cluster Closely Monitored By MOH

A cluster at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) has been added to the list of clusters closely monitored by the health ministry.

The large cluster currently has 116 infections, comprising 108 residents and eight staff members.

United Medicare Centre – Toa Payoh was also added to the list of clusters, with 137 infections in total.

The largest cluster on the list is at Bukit Batok Home for the Aged. With seven more infections, the cluster has swelled to 154 cases, of whom 148 are residents and six are staff members.

The other four clusters are:

  • Banyan Home @ Pelangi Village – five new cases, 71 in total
  • AWWA Community Home for Senior Citizens – one new case, 71 in total
  • PCF Sparkletots @ Zhenghua (632A Senja Road) – two new cases, 25 in total
  • MWS Christalite Methodist Home – two new cases, 124 in total

1,779 COVID-19 Cases in Hospitals; 171 in ICU

At the moment, there are 1,779 COVID-19 cases warded in hospitals, most of whom are well and under observation.

261 serious cases require oxygen supplementation and 171 are in the intensive care unit; this includes 107 cases who are unstable and under close monitoring to prevent further deterioration, and another 64 who are critically ill and intubated.

In addition, there are 18,279 cases undergoing home recovery, 4,626 in community care facilities and 952 are in COVID-19 treatment facilities.

Currently, 84% of our population has been fully vaccinated. 85% have received at least one dose. 13% have received their booster shots.

Authorities Urge Residents to Call 995 Only for Emergencies

In a press release, MOH and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) urged people to call ‘995’ for emergencies only.

They noted that between 15 and 21 October this year, the SCDF received around 5,550 calls for medical assistance. 20% of them were from COVID-19 patients who were conveyed to the nearest emergency department.

However, about 47% of them received only day treatment at the emergency department and didn’t need to be hospitalized. Another 15% were warded for two days or fewer, and mainly for observation, they said.

“To ensure that the 995 EMS is able to provide responsive conveyance for those with emergency conditions, we advise individuals who are not experiencing life-threatening emergencies to refrain from calling 995,” MOH and SCDF said.

Life-threatening conditions include:

  • sudden onset of chest pain
  • breathlessness
  • drowsiness or confusion
  • sudden onset of limb or body weakness
  • difficulty in speech
  • drooping of the face
  • severe bleeding from injuries
  • loss of consciousness
  • unexplained jerking of the body or fits

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