It seems like the world is obsessed with Squid Game; from Halloween costumes to children games, everyone seemed to be hypnotised by it.

If you are wondering: is there an end to this madness?

Apparently not because there is even a confectionary in Bugis that teaches you how to make Squid Game Ang Ku Kueh for just S$125++.

Bugis Confectionary Offers Workshops to Make Squid Game Ang Ku Kueh from $125

Previously known for their rainbow ang ku kueh, Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueng is offering to teach the hypnotised public how to create the red guards from Squid Game.

Unlike the usual ang ku kueh that is created in a mould, the Squid Game edition ang ku kuehs will be created freehand. The reason is obvious – where are you going to get a Squid Game, red guard mould?

Due to the freehand portion of the workshop, this Squid Game edition ang ku kueh is categorised for advanced learners.

In short, although they will not turn you away if you’ve never made ang ku kueh before, they do highly recommend the foundation of the introductory class before you sign up for this advanced class.

Advanced Ang Ku Kueh Workshop

The class is one hour and 45 minutes long and it is held in their Bugis store (235 Victoria Street). Participants also have to be 7 years old and above to join the session.

Each session is a class size of six and there will be one instructor to three students.

In the class, you will be learning about the wrapping and moulding of the ang ku kueh and the character structure arrangement – so that it looks “human” and not like Frankenstein.

You will also be learning about colour selection and how to fill your handmade bodies, I mean, kuehs, with their special homemade peanut or mung bean paste.

If all goes well, you get to show off your creations to the internet, if not just consume your creations without the flex.

All types of equipment will be provided, from kitchen equipment, baking ingredients, apron and even packages boxes for you to dabao your ang ku kueh home.

Each session cost between S$125 to S$130 per participant, depending on when you attend the workshop. If you are a subsequent participant, the workshop will also be cheaper for you – ranging from S$85 to S$90 each.

If you are able to get your boss to pay for this workshop and convince him that it is a “team-building exercise”, you are going to be ecstatic for Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueng also offers corporate workshops of over 10 pax.

You can find out more about this workshop here.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh) 

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