Everyone wants them, but not everyone is willing to take care of them.

Pets can inject joy into your life; you can play with them for hours and they’ll still want to cuddle with you at the end of the day.

But then many impulsive owners discover that taking care of a pet is much harder than they thought.

The responsible ones rise to the task, but the heartless ones neglect theirs or even abandon them.

More often than not, this leads to the poor pet’s demise.

Cat Abandoned by Owner at Bukit Batok During Renovations 

A cat at Bukit Batok was allegedly killed by a pack of wild dogs after it was abandoned by its owner during renovations.

Community organisation Bukit Batok Community Meow (BBCM) detailed the tragic tale of Bong Bong in a post on Facebook on 28 May.

According to the post, Bong Bong was abandoned by its owner at Bukit Batok while HDB flats were undergoing the Home Improvement Programme (HIP).

Launched in 2007, HIP aims to resolve common maintenance problems of ageing flats, such as spalling concrete or structural cracks or upgrading of toilets and bathrooms.

Some residents have had to find temporary accommodation elsewhere while renovations were going on.

Because of this, Bong Bong was abandoned and forced to fend for himself on the streets, without any survival skills.

Was About To Be Rehomed When Attacked

Sometime later, tragedy struck.

A pack of wild dogs allegedly attacked Bong Bong, and his lifeless body was found soaked in the rain by a BBCM member.

The member says he now avoids walking past that area because it reminds him of Bong Bong and brings him to tears.

Image: Giphy

Perhaps the saddest thing about Bong Bong’s death is that he was just about to be rehomed when he was killed.

According to the BBCM member, Bong Bong fought hard to adapt to life on the streets, and even had a “cat hater woman” to deal with.

Pet Cats Not As Hardy As Community Cats

The BBCM member urged cat owners to rehome their cats in a “humane way” if they really cannot commit to taking care of them anymore.

“Do not simply just dump or relocate your cat elsewhere thinking it will survive”, he said.

“…it will not survive because they are not street smart as compared to our community cats”.

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Many of us think that dogs and cats are born with natural survival instincts because we see so many of them living on the streets, but this is not true.

Street cats and dogs can survive on the streets because they’ve been living there their whole lives. It’s survival of the fittest out there; if you don’t know how to survive, you won’t.

A pet cat who’s been dependent on human owners its whole life has no way of surviving on the streets.

As one insightful netizen pointed out, how would we survive if we were stripped of our sheltered life with our homes and families and forced to survive out in the jungle? Few of us would survive.

So please think twice before adopting or purchasing a pet. It’s a lifelong commitment and a heavy responsibility.

The BBCM member also had some harsh words for the unfeeling owner who left Bong Bong out on the streets:


“To the heartless ex-owner, your irresponsibility killed the cat and one day you will answer for it when the time had come. You may not be sad, but to us feeders all lives are precious.”

Let’s take care of our cats, because no one else will.

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