Themed cafes is a trendy thing in Singapore over the past few years.

We had the Gudetama Cafe at Suntec City

Image: Facebook (Gudetama Café Singapore)

The Hello Kitty Cafe at Changi Airport

And the DC Super Heroes Cafe.

Well, the first two cafes on the list have closed down and as it turns out, the last one is going away soon too.

DC Super Heroes Café in MBS Closes for Good

Who wouldn’t want to eat surrounded by your favourite superhero?

Image: Facebook (DC Super Heroes Cafe – Marina Bay Sands)

Unfortunately, you can no longer do so at MBS.

On 17 Jun, the DC Super Heroes Cafe at Marina Bay Sands uploaded an announcement onto their Facebook page.

They are officially closing after 5 years at MBS.

The cafe explained that their tenancy ended during the circuit breaker period, and they decided to close it down for good.

They thanked past customers and heroes for support them throughout the years.

The Cafe page will also not be online for long, and they will close it after some time.

To The Community

To the community of DC fans, enthusiasts, cosplayers and those who love their Dark Knight burgers and Squid Ink pasta, the cafe said that they are “heartened” by the experiences they’ve shared together.

They hope that everyone keeps the memories (or at least the IG pictures) to remember this “era”.

Many netizens commented on the post, sad that the outlet has disappeared.

Image: Facebook

Then, you ask, what about the other cafe at Takashimaya?

Other Outlet Will Transition into Another Brand Instead

Well, as it turns out, DC Super Heroes Cafe might just disappear from Singapore altogether.

On the same day, DC Super Heroes Cafe – Takashimaya uploaded this picture onto their Facebook page.

In the post, they hinted that DC Super Heroes are no more and asked supporters to guess what’s coming next.

Although we won’t be surprised if the concept is changed.

After all, according to a report by Straits Times back in 2018, themed cafes can only survive if they change constantly.

A corporate manager of Parco Singapore, which ran two Pokemon-themed cafes, said that Singaporeans will only visit a themed cafe once or twice to check out the hype.

It also helps that we are FOMO by nature, and when we know a certain theme is only there to stay for a limited time period, we’ll naturally rush down to check it out.

So what’s next for DC Super Heroes Cafe? I guess we can only wait for time to tell.

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