Quick, what’s black and white?



Sesame seeds!

Or maybe…

Coffee and cream!

Image: Giphy

Nailed it. We’re talking about the place that used to be the hipster’s favourite place to ‘do work’ with a laptop.

How to chill- I mean do work at Starbucks. Wait, where’s my laptop? / Image: Giphy

Now, it’s just emptier, like everywhere else.

I’m, of course, talking about Starbucks.

And what if I told you: they’ll be introducing a new line of sleek merchs for you addicts out there?

Starbucks Essentials Available From 30 March 2020

Cold Cups

Image: Starbucks

Those looking to conduct their daily rituals in style can look to the Cold Cups line, all 16 oz in capacity. The right side shows the marble print. From left to right, the cups are S$34.90, S$34.90 and S$36.90.

Black and White

Oh, you’re a purist? Then how about some pure black and white tumblers? From left to right: 16oz: $36.90, 16oz: $34.90, 12oz: $32.90, 16oz: $36.90.

Image: Starbucks

Definitely for those who prefer their designs to be more minimalistic.


If you fancy something shinier, you can look forward to the Chrome series of tumblers and mug. From left to right: 12oz: $32.90, 16oz: $36.90, 16oz: $20.90.

Image: Starbucks

Feeling fancy already imagining myself sipping from that mug.


Now, you’re telling me that you need something to take wherever you go? How about this sleek bottle going for $39.90 (16 oz) then?

Image: Starbucks

The design really highlights the trademark name of the company.

Unless you’re a hipster who prefers drinking straight from the coffee machine…

Image: Giphy

What’re you waiting for? It’s Starbucks.

Grab The Merchandise But Take Away Your Coffee

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Singapore’s taking increased measures against Covid-19.

Sitting closer than 1-metre to others in a public space can result in jail time or fines.

Of course, family members and couples are exempted from the rule, but let’s be honest, people are going to judge you if they see you sitting on a crossed out seat anyway.

Plus, the government is also hoping that all Singaporeans will “defer all non-essential trips” to the malls.

Essential trips, in their definition, are those that are made to buy essential goods like food or groceries.

Even then, they’re hoping that you can order your food and groceries online.

One thing for sure, though, we can all order our coffee and maintain a semblance of normal life.



We must be socially responsible as well when doing so.

So if you’re still going out for work or just a cup of Starbucks Green Tea Frappe, make sure to download the TraceTogether app, yeah?

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