Phase Two was one of the happier things that happened in 2020.

After seemingly forever of being cooped up at home, we could now (responsibly) leave our homes.

Eating out, meeting (small) groups of friends and even go shopping and even nab a cup or two of bubble tea.

Sure, you have to check-in everywhere you go but at least it’s for our safety.

However, some of us come back into the real world finding some of our favourite shops closing.

Unfortunately, one of these shops is Tokyu Hands.

Permanently Closed

I think most of us know about this shop.

They sell a lot of Japanese-brand products from office supplies, bags and even silverware.

But one of their shops is set to close on 3 August.

It’s the Westgate outlet, according to Mothership.

This comes after being in operation in the West for six years.

The post states that their last day of operations would be on 2 August. However, there weren’t any reasons cited as to why they’re closing.

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Why is this a big deal?

For starters, this is the only Tokyu Hands outlet in the west of Singapore.

Secondly, this also signals another loss for the west side.

Way back in January, Isetan also closed their Westgate outlet down. Then, their next-door-neighbour JEM also announced the closure of their Robinsons outlet.

In fact, Robinsons only has two outlets left in Singapore: one at The Heeren and another at Raffles Shopping Centre.

You know the saying three strikes and you’re out? As a fellow west-side man, my heart is absolutely shattering.

Image: tvtropes

The only small comfort is that, MAYBE, they’ll have some kind of closing down sale.

Other Outlets Still Open

I weep for the west.

But if you’re wondering if this is going to happen to ALL Tokyu Hands’ shops, then you can breathe a sigh of relief.

They still have five more outlets open islandwide and you can find them at the following places.

  • Orchard Central
  • Suntec City
  • Jewel Changi Airport
  • PLQ Mall
  • Great World City

So you can still enjoy your Japanese-brand goods, just nowhere near the west now.

Meanwhile, do make sure to stay safe as you go out to shop. Don’t gather in groups of over five people and put on your masks at all times.

For more information about phase two, you can check it out over here.

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