Yes. You read the title correctly. 

JJ Lin, illustrious Singaporean musical artist, is making waves on the Internet not because of his star-studded discography or any revolutionary releases of late, but because of his dimples. 

Which begs these questions: Weren’t his dimples always there before? Why are they only getting noticed now?

Well, we have one zealous fangirl to thank for finally giving JJ Lin’s dimples the recognition they deserve. 

JJ Lin’s Dimples Go Viral as He is Caught Dining in Joo Chiat Eatery

On Sunday (21 Feb), one lucky woman posted a video of JJ Lin at a Joo Chiat Eatery with local singer A Du on Facebook. 

In the video, JJ Lin is seen eating at DragonCity Claypot Frog Porridge, which is located at 180 Joo Chiat Road. 

A Du, another local singer, is then seen standing behind JJ and rubbing his shoulder. In response, JJ lifts his bag from the empty seat next to him, presumably to make room for his friend. 

What’s amusing is that instead of taking the seat, A Du turns away and seems to be dao-ing him, while JJ continues to hold onto the bag, left in limbo. 

It is at that instant that JJ notices the woman recording a video of him, and makes eye contact with her for a fleeting moment. 

*Cue the Descendants of the Sun OST*

According to Must Share News, the woman lamented being unable to take a picture with him for fear of causing a scene. 

Her regret was soon eclipsed by a flood of admiration for the singer’s prominent dimples, which many declared made him look absolutely dashing. 

Well, what can I say, dimples are attractive. Even if they’re just… indents in your face. 

Catch JJ Lin at A Night of Disney+ Tonight

If you’re an avid JJ Lin fan, you won’t want to miss his performance happening tonight (24 Feb) at 8:00pm for A Night of Disney+! 

The show will be aired on Mediacorp Channel 5, Channel 8 as well as StarHub’s Hub E-City Ch 111/835. You will also be able to stream the event on meWATCH and Facebook. 


You’ll be able to catch other popular local artists as well, such as Nathan Hartono, Benjamin Kheng and Annette Lee.

For more information about A Night of Disney+, click here.

Feature Image: Facebook (Jyl Jenny)

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