As some food delivery riders will tell you, delivering food to residents in this tiny country is much more difficult than it sounds.

If they manage to avoid being melted by the sun, some of these riders then have to deal with difficult customers whose sole purpose is seemingly to annoy and frustrate.

What’s more, because riders earn by the delivery instead of the hour, some of them do without their lunches or dinners because they’re so focused on their goal to earn more money.

Knowing this, one man decided to cheer these riders up with a simple but heartwarming deed.

Man Gives Out Free Bread to Delivery Riders Outside Seletar Mall

A caring stranger spread some kindness yesterday (8 Apr) by giving out free food to delivery riders.

According to Stompthe man gave out bread to delivery riders outside Seleter Mall in the afternoon.

One food delivery rider named Tareq told Stomp that many riders tend to skip lunch as they’re working hard during their lunch hour.

“We are touched by his kindness and this deed in fact reminded us to care for one another”, he said.

Tareq said he was saddened by the way some members of the public have treated food delivery riders, adding that it’s not just their work that they have to worry about on a daily basis.

“While we riders are under pressure from other road users, we also care about our safety and others”, he said.

“Those who violate the law should be punished while those who follow the law and go the extra mile to deliver food should be given a pat on the back”.

“I’m saddened by some of the public comments towards delivery riders”.

But after this kind stranger’s touching gesture, Tareq said he now has extra motivation to make his deliveries.

“Today, after receiving the bread, I am motivated to wake up every day and do my job.

“I feel like there are people who care for us”, he said. “Thank you to this gentleman.”

“We should spread kindness and care to all our community,” he said.


Customer Ordered Food For Rider & Colleagues

A similar incident occurred in April last year when a GrabFood customer ordered a meal for a rider and his colleagues.

The rider received an order from Crave at White Sands from a lady known as Ms CYN that day.

Shortly after, he received this message.

“hi, please do not send the order to me. I ordered this as a thank you meal for the delivery staff. Please take one for yourself and give out the rest to other delivery staff. Would be great if you can give this to muslim staff for their breaking of fast. Thank you

Stay safe and take care. 😊”

Needless to say, the rider was touched by the woman’s kind act.

“To the lady Ms CYN, I would just like to say a very big thank you. I don’t who you are and neither I know you, but I just want to say you warmed everyone’s heart. You are the kindest soul that I’ve ever met.”

As our teachers used to say, a little kindness goes a long way.

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