Honestly, unless you’ve been frozen in a cryogenic chamber for a few years, this is something everybody has known will happen eventually.

We’ve seen the closing of Kinokuniya and Tamoya Udon, and known since last year November that Liang Court is getting closed down to be redeveloped into a mix-used residential.

But now, it’s official.

Meidi-Ya To Move Out By 31 March 2020

Image: Meidi-Ya

The legit like Japan mall is no more.

Cause even Meidi-Ya is moving out.

Image: Giphy

Sayonara… my go-to Japanese supermarket…

Image: Google
Image: Google

(Actually, my go-to is Donki since it’s closer to my house. But I’m setting a narrative here.)

But wait, this isn’t the end of everything.

This is the end of an era and the start of a new one.

This is just a new beginning.

Remember, There’s Still One At Great World City

Image: Reddit (r/MemeTemplatesOfficial)

That’s right, and if you wanna mark the location of that outlet, here it is:
1 Kim Seng Promenade, #B2-111 to #B2-121

And that’s not all. Great World City has a Kochi Spring Fair ongoing from 13 to 29 March, where you can find goodies from the prefecture on the island of Shikoku in Japan.

Image: Meidi-Ya

I’m talking Shimanto Unagis and Yamamoto Fish Cakes, and even Kochi Ice Cream.

Image: Meidi-Ya

Check out the full list of goodies at the Kochi fair here.

But this outlet is smaller… and one outlet is still less than two! You say?

Well hold on a second, I’m not done with the good news yet.

Image: adventuresinlivingterminallyoptimistic

Meidi-Ya Opening at Millenial Walk in August 2020

From a picture shared to the Facebook page Singapore Atrium Sales, it’s seen very clearly that a Meidi-Ya store is under renovation and will be opening in August 2020.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

So there’s really nothing to be sad about. Good stuff is happening in the future.

And I’ll be looking forward to it.

Image: Giphy

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