As the Gahmen mentioned, Singapore aims to vaccinate 2 in 3 residents against COVID-19 by National Day.

As of 19 July. more than 2.8 million of us have been fully vaccinated. This accounts for 49% of our entire population.

This also means that there is still the other half of us still waiting to get vaccinated.

Remember when the Ministry of Health (MOH) stressed that we shouldn’t do high-intensity activities a week after vaccination?

Yup, we probably should take that seriously. Otherwise, we may have to pay the price for not following suit.

Naomi Yeo Suffers Chest Pain After Exercising After 2nd Vaccine Dose

Naomi Yeo shared on Instagram about her experience exercising after her 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine.

As she narrated her encounter on Instagram stories, she had experienced the common side effects post-vaccination.

Once her fever subsided, she felt that it was safe to go back to her usual workout regime.

No, it’s not safe!

On Monday (19 July) evening, her decision then, unfortunately, resulted in her having chest pains. Initially, it was only a “gentle squeeze”. Afterwards, it started to deteriorate and became more painful.

By the next night, she was no longer able to take the pressure on her chest.

Benjamin Kheng, her husband, then rushed her to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) at the National University Hospital (NUH).

Chest pain could have been avoided if Yeo rested

Naomi clarified that she is now fine and does not have myocarditis.

Chim word, it’s basically the inflammation of the muscle of the heart.

The doctor also mentioned that this episode would not have happened if she had ample rest.

To reiterate, MOH has advised that individuals should avoid strenuous activities for seven days. This applies to both the first and second doses of the vaccine.

Some such activities include swimming, cycling, lifting heavy weights, and running.

Even after a week, it would be wise to start slow and not rush into your normal workout routine.

Not the first such case

This isn’t a one-off occasion where complications happen when people work out after their vaccination though.

Previously, a 16-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest following a weight lighting session after vaccination.

Thankfully, last week, MOH said that the patient has been transferred from the intensive care unit to a high dependency ward. This is for close monitoring and observation.

To play safe, let this serve as a reminder to get an ample amount of rest after our vaccinations.

Check out what other side effects you might encounter after getting the vaccine:

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