The announcement of the distribution of NDP funpacks to every household has attracted criticism from residents with a petition garnering over 75,000 signatures.

Since then, MP Louis Ng has penned a Facebook post stating that the NDP Executive Committee (EXCO) is currently exploring an opt-out option for the funpacks this year.

NDP EXCO Considering Opt-Out Option 

In the post, Mr Louis Ng stated that they should explore the option of having no funpack at all but he knows that “some people want the funpacks and some don’t”.

The MP believes that everyone should be given a choice and those who want it can get it and those who don’t can choose to opt-out.

This will also help to reduce wastage.

He reassures Singapore residents that the NDP EXCO is exploring an opt-out option, along with other suggestions.

A Greener Funpack 

A huge majority of the criticism for the NDP funpacks came from environmentalists who were concerned about waste after seeing photos of this year’s supposed NDP funpack.

Image: Facebook (@LouisNgKokKwang)

Mr Ng said that the photos that have been circulating around are pictures of previous years’ funpacks.

The funpacks this year would be vastly different from the previous years.

For starters, green groups have been meeting with the NDP 2020 EXCO together with Mr Ng and they have suggested making the funpack more reusable.

Activists have also pointed out that the plastic bag, single-use plastic bottles, and “huge” discount booklets can be removed.

Image: Giphy

I mean… who even uses the discount booklets in the funpack

“The EXCO took these (suggestions) on board as they finalised the funpack items,” wrote Mr Ng.

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The funpack will also exclude the clapper, scarf and sun visor this year.

Because no sane person would put on a sun visor while watching the NDP at home.

Comments From Netizens 

In the comments section of Mr Ng’s Facebook post, many suggested an “opt-in” option instead of an “opt-out” option.

Some said that an “opt-in” option would be more ideal as it requires more effort from the citizens’ side. This would ensure that those who receive the funpack genuinely want it.

Image: Facebook (@LouisNgKokKwang)
Image: Facebook (@LouisNgKokKwang)

However, one pointed out that with the “opt-in” option, the lower-income groups or senior citizens who are not as tech-savvy might end up missing out on the funpacks even though they might need it more than others.

Image: Facebook (@LouisNgKokKwang)

So like that, how?

Well, give your suggestions then.

Mr Ng ended his post by urging residents to share their suggestions for NDP 2020 and he will help to raise them up.

If you interested in sharing your views, take part in the REACH survey here.

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