Adolescence is a stressful and confusing period in a person’s life.

You have to deal with academic pressures, bodily changes, and fears that your crush won’t like you back.

But most importantly, you have to look cool AF.

Whether it’s breaking the law or doing something dangerous, some teenagers will do anything to win the approval of their peers.

And because we’re in the age of the internet, these people will broadcast their stupidity to the entire world.

Northland Sec School Students Suspended After Video of Them Smoking in Stairway Posted Online

Northland Secondary School has suspended a group of students who were seen smoking on a staircase in a video posted online.

According to Stomp, the video was posted on Facebook last Friday (12 June) with the caption: “School and parents please take note.”

The four-second video shows three girls in school uniforms, presumably from Northland Secondary School, sitting on a staircase.

All three of the girls are smoking, and one girl blows out smoke directly at the camera.

So badass.

You can already hear the tsk tsks from all the aunties and uncles in Singapore.

I should also mention that the students are clearly not practising safe distancing, though I think most viewers were too shocked at the smoking to notice.

School Has Responded

Speaking to Stomp, Northland Secondary School’s principal Mdm Tan Siew Woon said she was “very disappointed” to see her students smoking in the video.

“We have advised our students on the ill-effects of smoking. We have also reprimanded them for being socially irresponsible and breaching safe management measures as well.

“We have engaged the students’ parents and, given the severity of the students’ actions, we have also taken strict disciplinary actions against them.”

The students have been temporarily suspended.

“We will continue to counsel the students to ensure they understand the impact of their actions, and support them to cultivate positive habits”, the principal added

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The “Hey, Look at Me” Syndrome

You’re probably wondering: why do teenagers do these stupid things?

If you’ve ever been a teenager, or have a teenage son or daughter, you probably know the answer.

It’s because all teenagers get afflicted with the “Hey, Look At Me” Syndrome or HLMS, for short.

Based on statistics I just made up, HLMS affects 98% of teenagers and has been around since the dawn of humanity.

Those who have HLMS will often do something shocking, outrageous, or even illegal to get the attention of their peers and others around them.

This explains why other teenagers have been caught smoking openly, some even on public buses.

Image: Stomp

You have to admire this dude for thinking he’s so badass for vaping on a bus while wearing a Hello Kitty shirt.

Image: Stomp

But hey, we’ve all done stupid things in our time. It’s just somewhat unfortunate for young people these days that they have a platform to broadcast the dumb things they do because they want even more attention.

In another 10 years, those three Northland Secondary School students will probably come across a video of some students drinking vodka on the MRT, and they’ll shake their heads and say “Kids these days…”.

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