In the last few days, Shopee isn’t appearing in our newsfeed regularly just because of the various Black Friday deals.

It also came under fire for several serious workplace discrimination allegations.

And now, Shopee has come out to respond to the allegations.

How It All Started

Just like the NOC saga, it started from, a website that allows former and current employees to write reviews about the working culture in a company anonymously.

A glance at the company page seems normal, with a rating of 3.7 stars.

But you might not know is that earlier this month, someone tipped the media about “toxicity, sexism and racism” in the company, and just like the NOC saga again, it didn’t gain traction until recently.

Many of the complaints, including some that Goody Feed has seen sent to us privately, were atypical that you can find in almost every company.

However, a few stood out that has gone viral, in particular on Wake Up, Singapore’s Facebook Page.

In one, it was alleged that a hiring manager said that “historically speaking ‘your kind’ is the least performing race in Shopee’, referring “your kind” to the Malays, and then adding that “statistically speaking the top performing sales person here are…pretty chinese girls with cutesy voices you know…?”

The role appears to be a sales position to convince merchants to sign up for Shopeepay service.

There were also allegations that it’s a “Chinese working culture” with many speaking Mandarin, and someone even claimed that knowing how to speak Mandarin is a “not a preferred skill but rather a survival skill this this role.”

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Shopee’s Response

Despite the lack of hard evidence, Shopee has responded to the allegations.

They said in all their social media platforms, “We are aware of the recent allegations that have surfaced. Shopee Singapore takes these allegations very seriously. We have zero tolerance for discrimination or any form of workplace harassment and are conducting a thorough investigation of the situation. We are committed to providing a safe workplace for all our employees.”

To know what bosses can or cannot do to you, watch this video to the end:

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