For the most part, Louis Vuitton and bubble tea simply do not click.

They are, after all, worlds apart.

On one hand, you have a luxury brand that 90% of girls around the world thirst for. And on the other hand, you have a delicacy that 100% of girls around the world thirst for.

Sure it may just be a 10% difference, but to some, it means the world to them.

And so, you can kind of understand why we don’t associate the two together.

But it seems that nevertheless, someone has gone ahead and merged the worlds together anyway.

Though I gotta say; it looks like an ideal match.

Someone Customised a Louis Vuitton Bag That Can Carry Two Cups of Bubble Tea

It seems that Japanese designer Daisuke has done the impossible.

He has, somehow, linked the realms of luxury and comfort food together…

And it doesn’t even look half bad.

The designer, who’s known by his Instagram handle @dimda_, is known on the social media platform for turning luxury items into innovative products.

And one of his recent works happens to be a Louis Vuitton drinks holder which, you guessed it…

Allows you to dabao your favourite bubble teas… in luxurious style.

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Luxury bag to carry coffee ☕️ #customized

A post shared by DAISUKE ?? (@dimda_) on

Okay, it’s coffee and we switched it to bubble tea to clickbait you in.

But whether it’s bubble tea, coffee or even your mum’s homecooked green peas soup, this creation has got it all covered.

And the design’s pretty straightforward too, with two holes situated at the bottom to accommodate two drinks.

Also, lest you’re worried about the “safety” of the prototype, Daisuke reportedly mentioned in a thread that he has tried walking with the bag..

And it turned out just fine.

So small wonder why the post has garnered over 17K likes, really.

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It does have everything covered for you.

And if you prefer something more old school, how’s this for a solo bubble tea trip?


Called the Dior bubble tea bag, the creation has you sipping from your carrier as you walk…

All while exuding an impeccably exotic vibe.

Drinking bubble tea has never been so… exorbitant.

And to cap things off, it’s environmental-friendly.


Truly, a genius creation by Daisuke.

Upcycling Vintage Designer Bags

In an exclusive interview with online magazine HIGHXTAR, Daisuke said that he began upcycling vintage designer bags around a year ago, turning them into unique, innovative pieces.

By utilising material that is no longer in use, they can be morphed into new, fashion-friendly items.

You can check out more of his designs here, one of which is the Fendi toilet bag.

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When fendi meets luxury toilet bag ?✨

A post shared by DAISUKE ?? (@dimda_) on


An exotic portable toilet on the go? Well, that’s a definite necessity for the future.

E/N: He’s just kidding.

According to reports, it’s unclear whether Daisuke is selling his creations, but you can slide into his email at [email protected] to find out more.

And to end things off, here are a few more aesthetic designs to whet your vigorous visual appetite.


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Prada mask bag created by mask ??

A post shared by DAISUKE ?? (@dimda_) on

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Customized hermes noodle box ???

A post shared by DAISUKE ?? (@dimda_) on

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customized AF1 tissue box ?

A post shared by DAISUKE ?? (@dimda_) on


Okay, that’s enough internet for the day.


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