The year 2020 is not done taking talents away from us.

Following NBA-legend Kobe Bryant, Glee alumna Naya Rivera and Black Panther lead Chadwick Boseman, South Korean actress Oh In-Hye joined the league of those who are gone too soon.

Found Unconscious and Rushed to Hospital

According to the Incheon Yeonsu Police and the Songdo Fire Department, Oh was found unconscious at her home in Incheon at 5am on 14 Sep.

South Korean pop culture site AllK-Pop quoted a police spokesperson as saying: “Oh In-hye’s friend found her and reported it, but we do not know why the friend was there. We currently believe that she [attempted suicide]”.

The 36-year-old actress was discovered in a state of cardiac arrest and underwent emergency procedures.

She was then rushed to a nearby hospital, where she supposedly stabilized.

Unfortunately, Oh did not regain consciousness and passed away, reported South Korean news outlet OSEN.

Authorities are in the process of collecting evidence to investigate the suspected suicide.

Her cause of death is officially ruled as cardiac arrest.

Funeral to Happen Tomorrow

Oh began her acting career in 2011, making her debut on the silver screens in Sin of a Family.

After a period of inactivity, the actress emphasized her desire to return to acting in a Youtube interview recently:

“I want to appear in dramas and movies. If there is any opportunity at all, I will accept whatever role there is, however small a role, even if I don’t like the role.”

An Inha University Hospital funeral parlour spokesperson told OSEN of a memorial being held at the hospital’s mortuary.

funeral procession and burial will take place tomorrow (16 Sep) with attendance limited to her family.

This is undoubtedly a difficult time for Oh’s family and friends. We would do well to respect their privacy and give them appropriate space.

Tragedies in the South Korean Entertainment Industry

Oh’s suicide, if confirmed, would add to a long list of such tragedies in the South Korean entertainment industry.

In 2017, Kim Jong-hyun from popular boy band Shinee took his own life. According to his suicide note, the singer suffered from “devouring” depression.

Last year, 25-year-old Choi Jin-ri, known widely by her stage name Sulli, hung herself at her home in Seongnam.

Sulli was an active member of girl group f(x) before going on hiatus due to health issues. She similarly struggled with severe depression.

The same year, Sulli’s close friend Goo Hara committed suicide.

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Artists have called for a change in Internet commenting culture, where “toxic” fans verbally abuse celebrities with vicious insults.

Sadly, drastic actions are still lacking.


While Oh’s motive for her alleged suicide remains unclear, it’s undeniable that being a celebrity in the modern age is no easy feat.

Disregarding celebrities as humans, we feel entitled to alert them to our unsolicited opinions, such as the unjustified anger directed towards Jeanette Aw for merely having a profitable hobby.

Perhaps the digital age has desensitized us to the power of words, but it’s time to make a difference.

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