Singapore might have lost a little favour with WHO over its migrant-centric slip-up, but it seems that at the end of the line;

It’s still one of the safest countries to dwell in amidst this pandemic.

Yes, even above New Zealand, which is well on its way to completely eradicating Covid-19 and Taiwan, long lauded as one of the role models when it comes to fighting Covid-19.

S’pore Ranked 4th In the Safest Country in the World for COVID-19; Even Above New Zealand & Taiwan

According to an entire 250-page report, Singapore is the 4th safest country in the world right now for Covid-19. They place ahead of such countries as New Zealand and Taiwan, which rank at 9th and 16th respectively.

Switzerland, Germany and Israel place 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Cambodia, Laos and Bahamas take up the last three spots.

Compiled using “130 quantitative and qualitative parameters and over 11,400 data points like quarantine efficiency, monitoring and detection, health readiness, and government efficiency”, the report’s by the Deep Knowledge Group, “a consortium of companies and nonprofits owned by Deep Knowledge Ventures, an investment firm founded in 2014 in Hong Kong”.

It should be noted that there has been a considerable change in the safety rankings in the past few months.

At first, countries that were capable of reacting quickly to crises and had high levels of emergency preparedness were ranked at the top. Now, countries with more resilient economies place higher on the list.

“Switzerland and Germany achieve the #1 and #2 positions in this new special case study specifically because of their economy’s resilience, and due to the careful ways in which they are attempting to relax lockdown and economic freezing mandates in a fact and science-based manner, without sacrificing public health and safety,” the study says.

Sub-Saharan Africa and South America, as well as some countries in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific, are deemed to be the highest-risk regions right now.

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You can check out the full list down below:

  1. Switzerland
  2. Germany
  3. Israel
  4. Singapore
  5. Japan
  6. Austria
  7. China
  8. Australia
  9. New Zealand
  10. South Korea1
  11. United Arab Emirates
  12. Canada
  13. Hong Kong
  14. Norway
  15. Denmark
  16. Taiwan
  17. Saudi Arabia
  18. Hungary
  19. Netherlands
  20. Vietnam
  21. Kuwait
  22. Iceland
  23. Bahrain
  24. Finland
  25. Luxembourg
  26. Qatar
  27. Liechtenstein
  28. Poland
  29. Lithuania
  30. Malaysia
  31. Latvia
  32. Slovenia
  33. Oman
  34. Greece
  35. Estonia
  36. Croatia
  37. Turkey
  38. Ireland
  39. Georgia
  40. Cyprus
  41. Chile
  42. Montenegro
  43. Czech Republic
  44. Malta
  45. Spain
  46. Portugal
  47. Thailand
  48. Bulgaria
  49. Greenland
  50. Mexico
  51. Uruguay
  52. Vatican City
  53. Italy
  54. Serbia
  55. Philippines
  56. India
  57. Romania
  58. USA
  59. Slovak Republic
  60. France
  61. Russia
  62. Argentina
  63. Belarus
  64. Monaco
  65. Sweden
  66. Ukraine
  67. Gibraltar
  68. United Kingdom
  69. South Africa
  70. San Marino
  71. Kazakhstan
  72. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  73. Iran
  74. Ecuador
  75. Azerbaijan
  76. Mongolia
  77. Lebanon
  78. Belgium
  79. Andorra
  80. Cayman Islands
  81. Armenia
  82. Moldova
  83. Myanmar
  84. Bangladesh
  85. Sri Lanka
  86. Egypt
  87. Tunisia
  88. Albania
  89. Jordan
  90. Panama
  91. Brazil
  92. Morocco
  93. Algeria
  94. Honduras
  95. Paraguay
  96. Peru
  97. Indonesia
  98. Cambodia
  99. Laos
  100. Bahamas

You can view the full study here.

Not 100% Accurate

I should stress that the report’s just one organisation’s assessment of risk, and that risk within different regions in a single nation may differ as well.

As such, the study should be regarded as a reference case for future endeavours, but should not be trusted blindly. If circumstances happen to contradict the rankings on the list, you’ll be well-advised to follow through with the events around you then rely on a then obsolete subject.

And to end off, I just want to express my initial surprise at Singapore coming in fourth on such a list, with all recent happenings considered. But then again, with the study’s more recent parameters taken into account…

It does make sense for Singapore to be further up the list.

Nonetheless, stay safe people, especially now that the Circuit Breaker is gradually phasing out. Just because Singapore’s fourth on such a list…

Does not mean that they’re invulnerable to any further cases.

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