Hey you. Let me show you a photo.

Image: Facebook (Wilfred Cheah)
Image: Facebook (Wilfred Cheah)

Wow, a mama shop. That brings me back. Which neighbourhood was this taken at?

Hold on, let me zoom out a little to show you.

Image: Facebook (Wilfred Cheah)

Uh, can’t tell leh…

Image: Facebook (Wilfred Cheah)

Strange… Why does this neighbourhood look so weird?

Okay, let me zoom out even further.

Image: Facebook (Wilfred Cheah)


It’s a god damn miniature.

Image: Giphy

Look like real one right?

Mama Shop

This is a cardboard model made by Wilfred Cheah, which he shared on his Facebook. He also shared what a mama shop is, in case you’re too young to know what a mama shop is:

“Showcasing my next “GrowingUP “ series – Mr Mama Shop.

A mama shop (from Tamil மாமா māmā, meaning uncle or elder) is a convenience store or sundry shop in Singapore.

Traditionally, they are owned and operated by Indians.’

Mama shops are not air-conditioned and sell a variety of provisions within their very limited area, often with merchandise spilling into the outside of the shop.

Mama Shop, my childhood favourite for toys and candies, although I might not have money to buy then, but a great feast for the eyes is sufficient. ?”

These mama shops are typically found in the void decks of HDB, and you’ll find almost anything there.

Random toys like pick-up-sticks, inflatable plastic balls, chaptehs, snacks like paper-thin wafer biscuits, Mamee, haw flakes, and comic books like laofuzi and Archie.

But you get the idea just by looking at the man’s perfect recreation:

Image: Facebook (Wilfred Cheah)

He Made Other Similar Models Before

Oh yeah, if he paid attention you’ll realise he said this was a series. He turned The National Theatre (the 1963 equivalent of the current Esplanade):


Into this:

Image: Facebook (Wilfred Cheah)

The HD-remake is real.

Image: Facebook (Wilfred Cheah)

And the one that kick-started this off was a 1960s HDB flat, which he recreated from his memories:

Image: Facebook (Wilfred Cheah)
Image: Facebook (Wilfred Cheah)

I repeat: this is just a cardboard model.

Image: Facebook (Wilfred Cheah)
Image: Giphy

Oh Yeah, And You Can Buy Them

Wilfred’s cardboard models are up for sale, but you have to contact him on that front.

Can’t wait to see what he builds next.

I suggest old-school MRT aka the Singapore Railway.

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