It is no secret that Singaporeans are head over heels in love with durians.

Despite its pungent aroma, the durian is one of the most popular fruits in Singapore. So popular that it has found its way into numerous different food and desserts. At this point, you can get durian-flavoured stuff almost everywhere.

We’ve come across durian ice-cream, durian steamboat and even durian pizza.

So, what’s next?

Durian Subway.

Subway Announces Two New Durian Subs

Subway Singapore has just announced their new, upcoming sandwiches and it seems like something that all you durian lovers will enjoy.

From next week onwards, all Subway outlets will now serve a durian spread that will be available on two new subs: Italian B.M.T Durian Delite and Chicken Durian Delite.

Image: Facebook (Subway Singapore)

Subway introduced these new items on their Facebook page, along with the caption:

“Calling all Durian lovers, the King of Fruits has officially arrived! Introducing the all-new Subway Durian Delite, made with real Durian flesh, available in Chicken Durian Delite and Italian B.L.T Durian Delite ? Head down to your nearest Subway outlet, available from next week onwards!”

April Fools?

Although this is definitely great news for durian lovers (I think), perhaps we shouldn’t be too quick to believe them.

Because it might just be a coincidence, but next week also happens to be April Fools Day…

Image: Giphy

This could just be Subway’s attempt at pulling a prank on all of us.

Honestly, since we’ve been so caught up worrying about the Covid-19 situation, I doubt that many people even remember that it’s April Fools Day next week.

Some fans in the comment section are beginning to think so as well:

Image: Facebook (Subway Singapore)

Let’s be real, putting durians and sandwiches together are not exactly a very common combination. It’s kiiinda weird.

But then again, so are a lot of other strange durian food combinations that many people ended up loving.

Subway even replied to the of the comments asking if this was real or not.

Image: Facebook (Subway Singapore)

I don’t know you guys, I’m not buying it yet.

I guess Subway is right, there’s only one way to find out. Time to start counting down the days to 1st April.

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