If there was anything terrible about superhero movies becoming mainstream, it’s that the word “vigilante” seems to be more positive now.

Unfortunately for our resident Ah Boy, who dresses up as Batman and dreams of going around the city catching criminals…

In the real world, on this little island, being a “vigilante” often just means that you’re a “kaypoh“.

As shown by this uncle who confronted drivers who parked wrongly, on the Facebook video “Man confronts drivers for parking wrongly” with the description “Eh relac lah bro. Two separate incidents this man sound like he wanna pick a fight“.

Shouted At Lady

The uncle, filming the video, can be seen circling around a set of parking lots, one of which is for the handicapped, and the other is loading/unloading. A car is parked on the loading/unloading lot.

Pictures below are screenshots from the video:

He can be heard saying “ah… block my way” before confronting the lady who appears to be the driver of the car, who appears to be visibly confused by his actions.

“You can park here is it?” he shouted.

“No, you put properly lah! People handicap here. You see? Then people how to go?”

Parking on the handicapped lot does carry a fine. Beside the handicap lot is usually space and a ramp for the handicapped to go up demarcated as “no parking”.

FYI, you can park at the loading/unloading lot for 20 minutes. It is pretty common to see delivery drivers park on this lot if they are only there for a short while.

The lady explained that she was only here for 5 mins, but the uncle just continued on.

“Don’t say you 5 min. Then, 5 min. Everyone 5 min then? Because of you.”

The lady even apologised, but the uncle isn’t letting her go, saying that she should apologise to the police.

She entered her car and closed the door.

…And Then A Man

The video cuts to a second clip, this time of a man just minding his own business, who looks like he was waiting for something or someone while looking at a tablet. Same place, same parking spot.

Sounding calmer than the previous clip, the uncle circled around the car and filmed the man in the car while trying to provoke a reaction.

The man just continued looking at his tablet, undisturbed by the sounds captured in the habitat of the kaypohman.

What a boss. I wish I can always be as calm as him.

Netizens Pointed Out What’s Wrong In The Clip

Netizens in the comments section were quick to side with the unsuspecting lady and men, pointing out that URA and HDB had already said that vehicles doing delivery are allowed on the loading/unloading for a maximum of 20 minutes.

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If he had any complaints, he should bring it to HDB for putting the loading/unloading beside the handicapped spot.

Another questioned the “video man’s” motive for being so aggressive.

One also suggested he be hired as Head of Parking Attendants for his passion for catching illegal parking.


Traffic rules are hard, I guess. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

You can watch the full video here:


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