With supplies of face masks running low everywhere, some people have started making their own, fashioning them out of everyday items.

Some use t-shirts.

Image: LATimes

Some, for inexplicable reasons, use socks.

And some women have even used their bras as makeshift masks.

Image: Mashable SEA

This hasn’t always worked out too well.

Image: Tyla

Thankfully, bras and socks are as far as we’ll go. We’d never fashion masks out of, say, underwear, right?


Image: Tenor

Uniqlo Making Masks With Their Popular Airism Underwear Fabric That’s Breathable & Fast-Drying

Uniqlo, everyone’s favourite clothing store to buy plain t-shirts, said it plans to sell face masks to meet the growing demand for the product.

But unlike other mask manufacturers, Uniqlo is using underwear to make these masks.

Image: Tenor

They won’t be using used underwear, of course. Let’s leave that to Ah Hock.

Ah Hock: Please do not sully my good name

Their face masks will be made of fabric used for its Airism underwear line.

Image: Hip2Save

According to The Straits Times, Airism undergarments are made of a “specially-developed fabric known for a smooth, silky feel.”

Ah Hock: Nice

Uniqlo added that the fabric keeps the wearer cool in hot weather by releasing moisture and heat.

So, if the lower half of your face has been sweating profusely in the last couple of months, you know where to get your masks from now on.

The company said it was initially hesitant to sell face masks, but changed its mind after receiving numerous requests from customers.

Who knew people would be demanding face masks from Uniqlo in 2020?

Collection Of Improved Reusable Masks

As you know, residents still have to wear masks when they go outside even after the circuit breaker.

Fortunately, the gahmen will be distributing face masks to residents for the third time since the coronavirus landed on our shores.

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Six million reusable masks have been prepared for the exercise, and these new masks are more comfortable to wear and have better filtration qualities, according to The Straits Times.

The improved masks will be available for collection from 26 May 2020 to 14 June 2020.

CCs and RCs will only be giving out these masks for the first week of the exercise, after which you’ll have to collect it from 24-hour vending machines placed at all CCs.

Image: People’s Association

Masks Significantly Reduce Spread of Covid-19

But do we really need to wear a mask?

Image: Giphy

If you’ve always doubted the efficacy of masks, a study from a Hong Kong university might set you straight.

Experiments conducted at The University of Hong Kong found that the spread of the coronavirus through respiratory droplets or airborne particles was reduced by 75% when face masks were used.


Humans weren’t used in the experiment, of course. Hamsters were.

Image: Reddit (Image is, obviously, for illustration purpose only)

Two groups of hamsters were placed in two cages: one group had Covid-19 and the other group was healthy.

Instead of manufacturing tiny face masks for hamsters, which would have been adorable, researchers simply placed mask barriers on the cage with the infected hamsters.

With no mask barrier, 66.7% of healthy hamsters were infected within a week.

With a mask barrier, only 16.7%. of the healthy subjects were infected.


So don’t mask up because the gahmen asked you to, mask up wherever you go because it will reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Ah Hock: Can I make face masks out of my own underwear?

Is it used?

Ah Hock: Define “used”.

See, this is why people say bad things about you, Ah Hock.

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