It’s stressful enough to fall sick, even more so if you fall sick during a major public holiday and realise that the clinic near your house isn’t open.

But before you rush off to the nearest Accident & Emergency (A&E) department for the slightest illness, hang on: the Ministry of Health just announced that 998 clinics will remain open throughout the Chinese New Year holiday.

998 Clinics to Remain Open During CNY

Yesterday (29 January), MOH shared that 998 clinics will remain open during the CNY holiday period (31 January to 2 February). 15 will be operating 24/7.

Additionally, out of the 998, 523 are Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPCs), and 324 of them will be providing COVID-19 swab tests throughout the holidays.

There will be 11 Combined Test Centres (CTCs) across the island that will remain open as well, and they will be able to provide COVID-19 swab tests for patients who are referred there by their doctors.

Individuals who are cared for under telemedicine providers will continue to be able to access their services.

What to Do if You’re Sick?

Instead of rushing to the A&E immediately after feeling like something is off, MOH encourages the public to visit a GP if they are only feeling slight discomfort, and a PHPC if they develop acute respiratory symptoms or COVID-19 symptoms that are more serious, such as a loss of taste and smell.

Additionally, the ministry also mentioned that Singaporeans should only visit the A&E in cases of serious or life-threatening emergencies. These include having symptoms such as chest pain, breathlessness, and uncontrollable bleeding.

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MOH added that Singaporeans should not be calling 995 in the case of non-emergencies so as to make sure that those who really need the emergency help will be able to receive it.

“To ensure that the 995 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is able to provide swift conveyance for those with emergency conditions, we advise individuals who are not experiencing life-threatening emergencies to refrain from calling 995,” MOH concluded.

To view MOH’s press release as well as the list of clinics open during the CNY period, click here.

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