If you’re a frequent visitor to the Spize outlets at Simpang Bedok, and you pay attention to the hygiene grade, you would’ve noticed something different.

The outlets no longer carry an “A” for hygiene.

Instead, it’s now a “C”.

Here’s what happened.

Bedok Spize Outlets Food Poisoning Incidents

From 5 July to 6 July 2022, 15 people reportedly developed food poisoning after eating food prepared at Spize @ Simpang Bedok.

Thankfully, there was no hospitalisations.

However, this didn’t stop the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) from conducting a joint investigation into the incidents.

Findings From MOH & SFA Investigations

After investigations, Spize Continental Kitchen was found to have several lapses.

This include a “stained chopping board”, no proper segregation between ready-to-eat and raw food, and poor housekeeping.

In addition, the place was also being used for food processing despite having a license as a takeaway shop.


As a result, the hygiene grade of two Spize outlets were adjusted from “A” to “C” with effect from 10 March 2023.

The two outlets affected by this adjustment are:

  • 338 Bedok Road (Spize Continental Kitchen)
  • 284 Bedok Road (Spize)

A review of the grades will take place after one year.

The agency will also keep the outlets under surveillance.

Not The First Food Poisoning Case

If you’re wondering why the name Spize sounds so familiar, that might be because of the massive food poisoning case back in 2018.

63 people fell ill after eating food catered by Spize at a company event.

45 of them had to be hospitalised and one auxiliary police officer died eight days later.

The cause of death was sepsis and multi-organ failure following acute gastroenteritis.

By the way, just a fun fact: gastroenteritis isn’t food poisoning; it’s an inflammation of the stomach or intestine. However, if it is found to be caused by contaminated food, it is labelled as food poisoning.

When inspected, they detected faecal coliforms in samples of the food and on a chopping board and knife used for ready-to-eat food.

Salmonella bacteria was also found on various high-touch surfaces.

You can read more about the incident below:

The SFA affirm their commitment to making food safe for consumption.

SFA affirms that they will conduct regular inspections of SFA-licensed food places and will not hesitate to enforce the regulations if necessary.

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