One of the worse things you could do on an expressway is to brake abruptly, everyone knows that.

However, when the decision comes down to braking on the expressway or killing an animal, that’s when it becomes a dilemma.

Driver Brakes on Expressway to Avoid Stray Dog but Gets into Accident

On Thursday (22 July) around 5:06pm, Facebook group SG Road Vigilante posted video on its Facebook page, sharing an accident that took place on the expressway.

According to the post, the incident took place on Thursday morning around 7:05am, and occurred along Halus Link towards the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE).

In the video, a black dog can be seen wandering around the road shoulder of the expressway, before it seemingly decides to cross. It then proceeds to dash across the road, which unfortunately brings it into the path of oncoming cars.

From the video, the dog presumably dashes in front of a grey Volvo S60, causing it to emergency brake in the middle of the expressway.

A white Ssangyong Tivoli behind the grey Volvo can be seen failing to stop in time, hence causing it to hit the rear end of the Volvo.

After the initial impact, the white Tivoli veers to the rightmost lane, which presents a clear view of the grey Volvo. Both vehicles have clearly been damaged from the incident, with debris from the white Trivoli seen strewn across the road.

Meanwhile, the rear of the grey Volvo seems to be dented.

Fortunately, the dog manages to escape unharmed, safely making it across the road and into the bushes on the other side of the expressway. Another black vehicle and an oncoming motorcycle on the rightmost lane also managed to brake in time, hence escaping the accident.

Mixed Reactions From Netizens 

Ever since its upload onto Facebook, the post has garnered mixed reactions from netizens.

Some netizens felt that the driver of the grey Volvo had made the wrong choice, expressing that the driver should have just risked running over the dog as his actions could very well have led to a much more serious accident.

“The thing I learn about this in school is (that) if u see an animal and have no time to brake, just brace (yourself). Rather than hitting another car,” wrote one user.

“It’s on the Highway Code (that) between sudden jam brake and hit(ting) an animal, you go with the latter,” another user commented.

“Between dog and having to pay for repairs, just run over (the dog). Got to be practical,” commented a Facebook user.

However, some netizens also came to the Volvo’s driver’s defence, commending him for his compassion and pointing out that the driver of the Tivoli was also at fault.

“Thank you Volvo driver for being alert and saving a life. Tivoli no safe distancing, so gotta pay,” one user said.

Another user wrote: “Right choice. Jammed brake to avoid the dog. It is the responsibility of the rear vehicle to maintain a safety distance at all times as stated in our Highway code before we got our licence. Experiment had been tested n proved if a safety distance is kept, there isn’t chance of collision in any event of sudden brake.”

“To the car that jam braked showing compassion to our community dogs and fellow living beings, thank you,” wrote another user.

If you think that the driver is reckless, watch this video and see what other types of reckless drivers in Singapore you will (or may have already) meet:

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Featured Image: Facebook (SG Road Vigilante – SGRV)

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