As much as we like to complain about our little island nation, ultimately, it is home and no one else – and I do mean no one else – can talk smack about it or our people without consequences.

It’s just how it is.

But sometimes, it’s wiser to follow Elsa’s (from Disney’s Frozen) advice and just let it go.

After all, you’ll age a lot slower and you won’t get hauled up to court as well!

“Singaporeans have “seh” ah!”

On March 15 at around 7pm, a fight broke out at Jalan Kukoh Food Centre, where pots, trays, plates and even chairs were thrown between the… combatants.

They include a 53-year-old aunty, Chen Xizhi (陈惜枝); her ex-husband, 58-year-old Wang Aihua (王爱华); and the western food stall owner, 47-year-old Wu Meiqiong (吴美琼).

At that time, a lorry was parked near the western food stall.

Its engine isn’t turned off so the lorry was spewing noxious exhaust fumes towards the stall, making it hard to breath for the stall owner.

Ms Wu asked the driver of the lorry to turn his vehicle off.

He did so but he subsequently started smoking and the smoke from his cigarette was causing breathing difficulties for Ms Wu as well.

As a result of Ms Wu complaints, he finally left…

…but not before Ms Wu yelled at the driver, “新加坡人有‘seh’啊!” (which translates into “Singaporeans think they’re so big and mighty?”)

‘Kaypo’ Customers Threw A Pot, Tray, Plates & Chair at Stall Owner 

When all of this went down, the aunty and uncle, Ms Chen and Mr Wang, were drinking nearby.

Hearing what Ms Wu yelled, the ‘kaypo’ ex-couple confronted Ms Wu, with Mr Wang angrily scolding her, saying that she has “no manners”.

Eventually, the verbal argument escalated into a full-blown fight with Ms Chen taking a few plates and throwing them at Ms Wu, who then retaliated by smashing some plates on Ms Chen’s head.

The plates shattered upon impact and Ms Chen was cut by the fragments in several places.

The ex-husband took a tray and used it as a shield against Ms Wu’s furious attacks, but he then decided to just chuck the thing at her instead.

Ms Chen then threw a display sign while Ms Wu lobbed a metal pot.

Both objects collided in mid-air and fell to the ground.

Well… that solves the age-old question – plastic can beat metal, after all.

Mr Wang’s rage had yet to subside despite the… err… “intensive workout” so he took a plastic chair and hurled it at Ms Wu.

That’s when a male passer-by stepped up to intervene and the fight ended as quickly as it began.

Everyone involved took home multiple wounds and bruises from the fight.

It doesn’t matter who started the fight

…everyone involved ended up getting charged in court for fighting in public.

Ms Chen has already pleaded guilty and was fined S$3,500.

The sentences for the other two will likely follow soon after once their cases are heard at a later date.

Featured Image: Facebook (Stomp)

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