Typically, when you’re pulled over by traffic police on the road, it can only mean a few things.


1) You’re speeding,

2) You’re tailgating, or

3) You dangerously lane changed.

For this man, however, things didn’t turn out as expected.

LTA Officer Pulled Motorcyclist Over to Reward Him for Wearing Full Safety Gear

On June 7, Facebook user Lee Joonmin wrote a post to share about his unusual experience with a traffic police (TP) officer.

While riding home from work along Woodlands road, he saw blue and red lights flashing in his mirror. It was a TP officer signalling him to pull over.

Lee initially speculated if he had driven over the speed limit or forgot to signal.

Very naturally, anyone in that situation would have panicked. I mean, no one wants a fine or demerit points for a traffic violation.

To his pleasant surprise though, the TP officer commended him for wearing his full safety gear.

This included his safety jacket, boots, riding pants with padding and armoured gloves.

To praise Lee for being a good role model to other motorcyclists on the road, the TP officer also gave him a gift.

Image: Facebook (Lee Joonmin)

In it included a “TP Use Your Road sense” reusable mask, an EZ-Link card, a hand sanitiser, a wet tissue packet and a pouch.

Speaking to Mothership, Lee said that after experiencing what it was like to crash, he chose to wear safety gear.

For the record, he suffered three crashes during his first month of riding. Ouch.

Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable roadway users prone to accidents. While colliding with other road users, they suffer the greatest impact due to their low level of personal protection.

Motorcyclists Collided in Discretionary Right Turn at Bukit Panjang

Last year, two motorcyclists collided in a discretionary right turn at Bukit Panjang. As one motorcyclist crossed to another junction, another one crashed into him at high speed.

The impact sent both of them flying through the idea with one of the bikes slamming into a bollard on the pavement.

Broken bike parts were also scattered all over the scene of the accident.

Whether or not the incident is to be blamed on the controversial discretionary right turn or the motorists themselves is a separate issue.

Bottom line is, wearing proper motorcycle gear is absolutely essential to minimise the chances of severe consequences happening.

Let us all be like Lee and recognise the importance of taking proactive measure to safeguard ourselves.

Featured Image: Facebook (Lee Joonmin)

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