Mynahs and pigeons may look pretty on paper.

But you know what they say; pretty things come with their own set of problems.

And for John Quek, the notion meant endless faeces, as well as the occasional forays into the kitchen for food.

Two aspects that have evidently annoyed him to no end.

Thankfully, however, he has since come up with the ultimate solution to dismiss such undesired unpleasantries:

The hiring of cats. And they’re not even real ones.

Man in S’pore Uses Cat Photos to Scare off Birds at His Window Ledge

Fancy a cat bodyguard to ward off those pesky mynahs and pigeons? Well, you could well do with a leaf out of John Quek’s books.

On 5 April 2021, the Facebook user posted an update on the social media platform, informing the public of a very efficient, very affordable method to stave off unwanted guests:

Images of stern-looking cats.

In the post, Quek wrote of his persistent problems with nearby mynahs and pigeons, and how they have a real tendency to perch and poo on the air-con ledge outside his room.

Heck, they even made the occasional foray into the kitchen for food, a notion that would’ve annoyed any self-respecting kitchen owner.

Evidently annoyed and frustrated with such tendencies, Quek then decided to go on the offensive.

And printed actual images of cats.

Now, it’s well-known that birds are mortal enemies with felines, much in the same vein as classic favourites Tweety and Sylvester.

As such, birds are likely to fear their natural predators, and make a beeline for them.

But that’s for real cats. Images, on the other hand, are pretty different. Which begets the question;

Would it work?


As it turns out, it worked.

According to Quek, the maneuver was a success, and he has even recommended the public to try it out.

“Was experimenting using images of cats and scare annoying mynahs and pigeons away,” he wrote. “It worked.”

He added: “Perhaps you can try this too.”

Image: Facebook (John Quek)

Image: Facebook (John Quek)

Image: Facebook (John Quek)

In fact, Quek is already on the move for a possible upgrade:

Suspending the images so that they will look more lifelike.

Apparently, experimental progress is already on the way.

Meanwhile, Netizens have since lauded Quek’s innovation, and heaped praise on his endeavour.

One Netizen even called it a Catcrow: a notion that certainly hits home.

It appears that still images of cats aren’t the only way either, as apparently, there are S$2 anti-cat pads that you can stick on your aircon.

“Those also stop the birds from coming,” another Netizen said.

Well, it looks like bird-induced harassment may soon be a thing of the past.

Featured Image: Facebook (John Quek)

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