For those who’ve recently gone against the gahmen, I have good news for you: they’re giving you a second chance.

All you have to do is undo your misdeed.

Reader: But I was fined $300 for eating Chendol at the hawker centre. How do I undo that?

Oh, I’m not talking about you, there’s no hope for people like you.

Reader: Mean

I’m talking about people who may have cheated the gahmen into giving them money.

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MSF Suddenly Set Up Platform For People Who Want to Return 1-Time $500 Temporary Relief Fund

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has set up an online page for those who wish to return their $500 Covid-19 Temporary Relief Fund (TRF) payout.

As you know, the TRF is meant for those who have lost their jobs or suffered a 30 per cent loss of income due to Covid-19, and need help with basic living expenses, according to MSF.

In a Facebook post on Friday (17 April), MSF said that over 300,000 applications of the Temporary Relief Fund (TRF) have been processed, and that they are receiving even more.

However, some of those who have already received the payout have called to ask how to return the money.

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Have Singaporeans suddenly developed a conscience and want to make amends for their wrongdoing?

Ha. Sometimes I crack myself up.

Nope, it was likely due to the fear of getting caught.

Abusing The System Could Land You In Jail

You may remember one man boasting on Hardware Zone that the TRF system was “simple to cheat”.

Image: Hardwarezone Forums

He claims he was able to get the relief fund without any proof of documentation.

Yes, he’s not exactly the smartest criminal.

This prompted the gahmen to respond, which is exactly what they did.

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said on Monday (13 April) that those who have abused the TRF system could receive a jail sentence of up to 10 years for cheating.

“I’ve told the police: Investigate, and if this is cheating, it carries a heavy jail sentence. I think we have to send that message,” he said.

But, according to Mothership, Minister Shanmugam added that the authorities are unlikely to take action against those who have returned the money.

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Yes, the gahmen is giving the dishonest citizens of Singapore a second chance.

How To Return Your TRF Payout

Minister for Social and Family Development Desmond Lee said that the ComCare hotline has already received many calls from those wanting to return their TRF.

Those who want to return their TRF payout online can do so at this online page.

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For those who want to return an unbanked TRF cheque or cashier’s order, you can do so at your nearest Social Service Office (SSO).

Image: Facebook (MSF Singapore)

So, if you’ve applied for this payout even though you don’t qualify for it, you know what to do.

Reader: What about those who were fined $300 for eating Ice Kachang at the coffee shop?


Weren’t you just fined for eating Chendol?

Reader: Don’t judge me, everyone deals with trauma differently

Moral of the story: don’t scam the gahmen.

And also, if you want to know more about scams in Singapore, you can watch this video we’ve done in collaboration with SPF:


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