Welcome to December, whereby you’ll hear Mariah Carey’s and Michael Buble’s songs blasting through the speakers of your neighbourhood shopping malls on loop. As you walk down Orchard Road under an umbrella, you’ll also notice countless bright, shining Christmas trees.

In this festive mood, you might have headed into the shops to purchase a large tree as welll but before the words could even flow out of your mouth, you remember: you live in a tiny HDB flat where you don’t even have enough space to store your empty cardboard boxes.

Well, throw all these bad vibes behind you for you can finally get your very own Christmas tree that can fit in your home – plus you can eat it.

Old Chang Kee Having IG-Worthy Christmas-Tree-Shaped Green Curry Puff

From 6 Dec to 25 Dec, Old Chang Kee lovers can buy a Christmas tree to celebrate Christmas with the family.

By that, I meant curry puffs in the form of Christmas trees.

Image: Old Chang Kee

Retailing for S$2 per piece, you are able to get yourself a green coloured puff pastry in the shape of a Christmas tree. The Xmas’O will be filled with creamy chicken mushrooms so they are suitable for spice intolerance individuals as well. Or as Uncle Roger call them, the weak.

Xmas’O will be available at all Old Chang Kee outlets and on a while stocks last basis. They are also available on delivery platforms as well.

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Devil’s Curry’O

Aside from Xmas’O, the Devil’s Curry’O will be coming back at the end of the year. From 26 to 31 Dec, you’ll be able to enjoy the Devil’s Curry’O, a creation that made its appearance in 2020 during Boxing Day.

Image: Old Chang Kee

This curry puff was inspired by the Devil’s Curry, a popular Eurasian dish that was culturally served on Boxing Day (26 Dec). Traditionally, it was made out of leftovers from the Christmas meal but these days they’re made from fresh ingredients.

To celebrate post-Christmas days, Old Chang Kee has decided to launch the Devil’s Curry’O for the last few days of 2021.

Unlike the Xmas’O, the Devil’s Curry’O is not for the weak. Instead, it is made for those who love chicken and spicy food.

It will be available at all Old Chang Kee outlets and at all delivery platforms for S$1.70 per piece.

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Featured Image: Old Chang Kee

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