“Is it ok if I drink just 22 cups of bubble tea a day? I’m trying to cut down.”

We tend to head to the doctor every time we have a health-related query, such as whether our diet is healthy or needs an urgent change.

A clinic is also usually the first place we’d head to if we had some questions about our medication or even the safety of vaccinations.

But, unbeknownst to most, there’s someone else you can talk to about these things. And if you have a certain card in your pocket, it could be absolutely free. 

PAssion Card Members Get Free Consultations by Pharmacists till 31 Oct

Have a PAssionCard? Well, you can now get a free consultation from a community pharmacist if you have any health-related questions.

This joint initiative, launched by the Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore and People’s Association, will run till 31 Oct.

The consultations can be carried out over Zoom, or face to face at selected community pharmacies.

The virtual sessions, however, will end today (26 Sep).

What Can a Pharmacist Do?

Pharmacists spend four to nine years in pharmacy school learning how drugs affect the body and how the body processes drugs.

In other words, they’re well-trained in how medicines work.

They also have vast knowledge of how medicines interact, which is why they sometimes advise doctors on the best course of medication.

What’s more, pharmacists are not only interested in the drugs they prescribe but are also focused on patients’ needs and improving their outcomes.

This is why pharmacists are qualified to answer health-related queries such as questions on nutritional needs, vaccination, and preventive health measures.

Just like your private GP, they are also an accessible healthcare professional who you can turn to for help if you have any doubts about your medication, or even the safety of vaccines.

This is not something everyone knows, however, which is why the initiative aims to raise awareness on the roles of pharmacists in the healthcare industry, and the fact that they can assist with certain health-related queries.

Online Registration

Interested in a session?

Well, all you have to do is head to this page and furnish the necessary particulars.

All consultations are strictly by appointment only. After completing your registration, your preferred participating community retail pharmacy will contact you within 3 working days.

During the consultation, your pharmacist will provide a review of the medications you are taking and advise on how you can make your medications work better for you.

You can also use this opportunity to ask your pharmacist about any queries you may have about your medications and health.

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