On 15 Nov 2021, Rebecca Lim announced her sudden engagement to the world via her Instagram account, but did not disclose who her fiancé is and had kept his identity a secret.

And as you probably know, the more you try to keep something a secret, the more digging the Internet would do.

And so, today, reports of who the man is are published.

Rebecca Lim’s Mystery Fiancé, Matthew Webster, Reportedly Works in PSA & Owns At Least 1 Porsche

Before today, it was revealed from media interviews that the mystery man is a 35-year-old Singaporean who works in corporate branding, and he’s of mixed parentage: his father is British while his mother is Chinese. Despite that, he had grown up in Singapore but seldom watched local shows.

They had only met earlier this year during a dinner gathering, which means they’ve dated for less than a year.

Two days ago, Rebecca then posted a side view of her beau, saying that they’re “humbled and grateful for the overwhelming love and support shown towards us, and for your heartfelt well wishes.”

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According to an interview with CNA, he’s not good in Mandarin but can still converse in basic Mandarin.

Well, that was enough for the CSI team to work on.

Today, it’s reported that the man is Matthew Webster based on “independent checks by CNA Lifestyle.”

The 35-year-old is allegedly an Assistant Vice President at PSA Singapore and is a Monash University journalism graduate.

Other than being the husband-to-be of a local star, he’s also a drummer and a guitarist. In fact, he has an Instagram account to showcase his music:


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A post shared by Matthew Webster (@mjwguitar)

But what caught people’s eyes is another Instagram account dedicated to his cars: yes, it appears to be in plural.

And it’s not Kia or Toyota, but Porsche.


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A post shared by 911 SG (@911_sg)

And it’s not just any Porsche, but a classic Porsche.

As he kept a very low profile, it’s unknown if he owns just one of the cars or a few of them that he featured in the account.

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