While we thought we’re on our way to the “new normal”, we slapped back with a reversion to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert).

Déjà vu at its finest.

All measures announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) will take effect from 22 July to 18 August. Take note: both dates are inclusive.

Which is, of course, today.

Although some of us are feeling frustrated, this has to be done to kerb the growing COVID-19 clusters linked to the Jurong Fishery Port.

But people in four HDB blocks are going through another type of experience.

Residents & Workers in 4 HDB Blocks to Undergo Compulsory COVID-19 Test

As the number of cases starts to rise, more clusters are also starting to emerge. On Thursday (22 July), the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that it is investigating an ongoing COVID-19 transmission near Geylang Serai Market.

The specific blocks are Blocks 842, 844, 846, and 848 Sims Avenue.

According to The Straits Times, viral fragments were spotted in wastewater samples retrieved from the block. As a result, residents living in those four HDB blocks will have to undergo a swab test.

It will be mandatory unless otherwise stated.

If you have been tested negative for COVID-19 infection from last Saturday onwards, testing is optional.

Should you want to play safe and get swabbed, you can.

MOH has stated that investigations are currently ongoing to track linkages and the source of virus transmission.

Details of the mandatory testing

Below are important dates and times you should take note of if you’re required by law to be swabbed. Testing will be conducted:

  • At the pavilion at 3 Geylang Serai
  • From Thursday to Friday
  • Between 9am and 4pm

Details of the voluntary testing

If testing isn’t compulsory for you, but you wish to come forward to get tested, the following details apply to you. Testing will be conducted by appointment between 9am and 4pm:

  • At designated regional screening centres from Thursday to Saturday
  • At 3 Geylang Serai from Friday to Saturday

To book an appointment or enquire about the alternative test locations, you can visit this website. Otherwise, you can also call 1800-333-9999.

In the event if you happen to have come in contact with residents from these blocks between July 6 to Tuesday, you may consider getting tested too.

Remember to bring along your NRIC for identification purposes.

So, if you *touchwood* are tested positive for COVID-19, what happens?

MOH, as usual, will immediately isolate you, and identify all your close contacts. They will also be tested and quarantined as a safety precaution. This will help prevent the virus strain from being more transmissible.

To know the differences between an antigen test and a PCR test, watch this video to the end:

MOH has alerted the affected residents

Leaflets have been distributed and SMSes have been sent to the affected residents.

MOH said that “Those who are still awaiting their test results are advised to minimise social interactions as much as possible.”

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