For first-time parents, having to take care of a newborn can be a daunting task.

It’s always more reassuring to have someone with experience by your side, like your parents, or in the case of this Singaporean couple, hiring a confinement nanny who is experienced in taking care of newborn babies.

However, upon reviewing the surveillance footage of the nursery, the new parents were in for a rude awakening when they witnessed the nanny mistreating their precious daughter.

The Hiring of the Confinement Nanny

According to Shin Min News, the 29-year-old mother and working secretary, Gao Huijing, had chosen this confinement nanny on a recommendation from a friend.

She told the reporter that her husband had been responsible for making the rest of the arrangements. Upon hearing that the 63-year-old confinement nanny had 19 years of experience and never received any complaints before, she and her husband decided to hire her for the job.

“This is our first baby, we didn’t have any experience, which was why we hired a confinement nanny to help [us] take care of her. She and my daughter slept in the same room,” Madam Gao explained.

Her husband, Mr Reuban See, echoed similar sentiments. They had intentionally hired a confinement nanny because they knew new-borns were very fragile and they wanted professional help.

Their baby daughter had been born on 27 December last year, and the couple had paid a deposit in advance to hire Madam Yang in June 2021 because they were aware how difficult it was to find or hire a nanny during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Shocking Revelations Exposed on Camera

The arrangement had worked for the most part, until Madam Gao reviewed the close-circuit television (CCTV) camera footage on 17 January.

To her chagrin, she unexpectedly saw the nanny hitting her newborn daughter’s back heavily to make her burp, which angered her to the point of tears, and she immediately informed her husband of the incident.

After a brief discussion, the couple decided to give the nanny another chance and continued to keep a close eye on the situation.

Then, after sifting through most of the camera footage, Mr See, the 33-year-old business owner, was shocked to find out that this was not the first time that the nanny had treated their newborn daughter in a violent manner.

According to the contributed footage, they saw the nanny falling asleep once while she was feeding their infant daughter.

They also saw the nanny pulling on their baby daughter’s small leg to bring her closer to herself; in another instance, when the nanny was hugging their daughter to coax her to sleep, she fell asleep again first, which led to their daughter rolling out of her arms and falling onto the mattress.

Infuriated, Mr See called the police at around 2:45pm that Saturday (22 Jan), reporting that his own infant daughter had been abused.

The Confinement Nanny’s Denials

After the police arrived at their Hougang Flat, the police took the confinement’s verbal testimony, and she packed up her luggage and left on the same day.

Throughout the confinement nanny’s account, she insisted that she was only being slightly rough, and she had never been violent towards the infant daughter.

However, Madam Gao exposed the contradiction in her statement by saying that the nanny would always treat her daughter very gently during the daytime, like she genuinely cherished her, but when she was alone with her daughter at night, it was a completely different story.

The situation has rendered the married couple speechless and distressed.

Even when Shin Min reporters contacted the confinement nanny, Madam Yang, three days later (25 Jan), she persisted in saying that “she was only being rough-handed, and she had no intention of abuse”.

“When I was patting the baby’s back after she was done feeding, I was only ensuring that she wouldn’t choke.”

Likewise, when she was questioned by The Straits Times, the Malaysian nanny reiterated her stance in Mandarin: “I didn’t pinch her, I didn’t hit her, I was just being a bit rough. That is a totally different thing.”

Additionally, Madam Yang said that when the baby was lying on the mattress, she was merely stretching her hand to pull the baby closer to her side.

She also admitted to falling asleep and the baby had fallen onto her lap, but she woke up soon after to continue taking care of the baby.

All in all, Madam Yang seems adamant about the fact that she had never mistreated or neglected the infant.

Currently, police investigations into the case of alleged child abuse are still ongoing.

The 63-year-old confinement nanny Madam Yang is also cooperating with the local authorities, though her passport has been impounded since.

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