Everyone’s lovin’ Zinger, and everyone’s lovin’ cheese.

Put these two together, and you’d most probably be heading to a KFC outlet come 23 August 2021.

KFC Coming Out With New BBQ Cheese Zinger from 23 Aug

McDonald’s might have won many hearts with their latest Hainanese Chicken Burger, but on 23 August 2021, KFC is coming out their own Singapore’s favourite.

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Cheese burger.

Or to be specific, BBQ Cheese Zinger burger.

Image: KFC Singapore

The burger comprises KFC’s zinger fillet, crispy turkey bacon, crunchy pickles, sliced cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and the KFC’s cheese sauce, and is complete with an oat bran bun.

According to the Colonel himself, this is a must-try for “fans looking for a levelled-up zinger or for those who is simply up for an indulgent treat.”

At $6.60 a la carte, it’s $1.35 pricier than the original Zinger.

You can get it as a meal for $8.70.

Image: KFC Singapore

Or if you’re feeling hungry, there’s the BBQ Cheese Zinger Box at $10.95, which includes an additional piece of chicken and one regular whipped potato.

Image: KFC Singapore

KFC Singapore also promises that there will be more chicken burger launches coming soon, so if you’re someone who insists on trying out all new KFC items, it’s time to hit the gym.

To know more about why fast-food restaurants come out with time-limited items, watch this video to the end:

YouTube video

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Featured Image: KFC Singapore

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