It would appear that supermarket chain NTUC Fairprice has upped its marketing game…

By leaps and bounds.

Just yesterday (23 September 2021), the industry giant posted an update on its Facebook page, which wouldn’t exactly have been out of the ordinary had the content not been a little…


NTUC Fairprice Comes up with Punny Food Names that Match S’pore’s Street Names

In a Facebook update yesterday (23 September 2021), NTUC Fairprice unveiled some of its trademark products…

Alongside some serious bouts of punniness.

Merging products with random words to form full legitimate street names, their latest marketing venture has torn through the Internet…

And for good reason.

The classic QOO drink, for instance, was matched with the two terms “Ben” and “Len”.

Lest you’re unaware, it refers to Bencoolen.

And then there’s Lay’s famous potato chips. When merged with the word “Boon”, it becomes “Boon Hun.”

Oh wait wrong celebrity; I’m talking about Boon Lay.

Also, let’s not forget about the brand Pasar, a term that can be merged with Bras to form Bras Basah.

Suffice to say; NTUC’s wordplay has us in stitches. You can view the rest down below:

To date, the post has garnered over 1.2K shares, as well as 1.1K likes & reactions.

Some Netizens have also put in their own requests, and NTUC didn’t disappoint.

“Kallang pls! And whampoa for my grandma!” one Netizen wrote.

In response, NTUC posted:

Meanwhile, another Netizen was more than willing to hop onto the punny bandwagon.

And NTUC gamely welcomed the competition.

Some have also lauded NTUC’s marketing gimmick, with one stating:

“Suddenly I (am) looking forward to see your adv on FB.”

One, however, questioned whether the supermarket giant has had one drink too much.

“Admin you high on smth??” the Netizen wrote. “Whatever it is, I want some too..”


Slowly but surely, marketing stunts are expanding past mere TV ads and pretty faces.

The Soh Rui Yong saga, for instance, is considered a huge marketing success, owing to the sheer participation rate as well as the general interest in it.

Numerous sponsors have also joined in on the venture of their own accord.

In the process, Soh also became a “marketing genius” and will, no doubt, be highly sought after in the near future.

And if NTUC keeps up its marketing game, it’s safe to say that it could, at last, outmatch Sheng Siong in the public perception area.

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Featured Image: Facebook (NTUC FairPrice) 

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