Having been a hardcore Singaporean all my life, I’ve always had one persistent innate wish:

To see our local charismatic politicians garbed in drag, because why not.

Image: Giphy

Alas, however, it’s nigh impossible to actually slap a wig on them, considering how they’re constantly being surrounded by their entourage.

Plus, one has to be willing to sacrifice his/her dignity in doing so, as there’s always the off chance that a Stomper lurks in the shadows.

To get Stomped or not to get Stomped, that’s the question.

Image: Giphy

Just as I was about to give up on this admittedly twisted dream of mine, however, one app stepped up to the plate:

“Hold my beer,” said Faceapp. “I’ve aged people; I can surely turn them into alpha females as well.”

People Use FaceApp to Change Gender of S’pore Politicians & They Look Beautiful

Now if you recall, there used to be this gender-transformation app that was really hot on Facebook.

And sometime last year, Snapchat brought the gender-transformation genre back into the limelight with its filters.

Image: NBC Bay Area

But as time passed, interest waned. Slowly but surely, all the gender-transformation hype of before has gradually withered away…

Until now.

Previously associated with a worldwide ageing trend and Russian data-leakers, FaceApp is back again for a dose of that intoxicating Internet fame. And what better way to come out on social media headlines worldwide than the upgrade of an old trend?

Yes, folks. Gender-transformation is relevant again.

You might have seen it on Facebook; dozens of photos of your favourite celebrities, all given the good ol’ Gender-roo.

And now, it seems that someone dealt the same dose to our own familiar faces;

Our local politicians.

And so without further ado, prepare your popcorn and drinks as we roll out a slideshow of the most feminine politicians Singapore has ever witnessed…

With some of them becoming absolute thirst traps.

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Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing

Image: Facebook (Mediacock Singapore)

Minister for Education Ong Ye Kung

Image: Facebook (Mediacock Singapore)

Minister for Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat

Image: Facebook (Mediacock Singapore)

Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong

Image: Facebook (Mediacock Singapore)

Workers’ Party Secretary-General Pritam Singh

Image: Facebook (Mediacock Singapore)

Singapore Democratic Party leader Chee Soon Juan

Image: Facebook (Mediacock Singapore)

Singapore People’s Party Secretary-General Steve Chia

Image: Facebook (Mediacock Singapore)

Singapore Democratic Alliance leader Desmond Lim

Image: Facebook (Mediacock Singapore)

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