Ever since the pandemic, it seems like the market for hackers to expand their business have increased. From hacking data from our beloved telecommunications service provider to retrieving data illegally from an employment agency, news of data breach has been plentiful.

This time it affects customers of a healthcare group.

Personal Details of Fullerton Health Customers Stolen by Hackers & Being Sold for About $800

Personal details of Fullerton Health customers were obtained and hawked online.

The data includes the customer names, identity card numbers, information about bank accounts, employers, medical history and details of the customers’ children. The data stolen are only of patients from its Singapore operations.

The sample data on the listing shows the letterheads of Fullerton Health and Singapore Airlines.

The hackers that specialised in stealing and selling data from e-commerce and healthcare sectors claimed to have data of around 400,000 people. The data also includes the insurance policy details of the Singaporeans.

Data Could be Bought for Around $800

The data was listed for sale on hacking forums from 11 Oct. They could be bought for US$600 (S$810) in Bitcoin. However, the hackers have taken down the sale posts on 22 Oct.

It was uncertain why they suddenly stop the sale of the data.

Server Breach

The server that was breached belonged to a vendor, Agape Connecting People. The vendor is a social enterprise that provides contact centre services.

They were engaged to handle the bookings by Fullerton Health customers.

The breach was detected by Fullerton Health on 19 Oct. They’ve informed Agape of the breach on the same day.

Police reports have been made by both parties and the Personal Data Protection Commission has been informed.

Agape Connecting People

Cyber-security experts were engaged to work with Agape to prevent future incidents like this.

Their system was also isolated and suspended immediately once they were informed of the breach. No credit card or password information was leaked.

Currently, Agape are in the process of confirming that none of their other clients’ details was stolen.

Fullerton Health Networks were Not Compromised

Despite the breach, there is no disruption to Fullerton Health’s services. Their network was also not compromised.

Currently, the private healthcare group were still trying to establish an exact number and the identities of those who were affected.

They will be reaching out to the affected customers once they were identified.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Fullerton Health)

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