It’s no secret that the coronavirus has affected lots of businesses.

The lack of certain F&B outlets is noticeable since it’s hard for these shops to remain afloat with dwindling customer bases.

Another industry that also took a noticeable hit is tourism. It’s hard to maintain when people aren’t coming in or out for a visit.

And on 10 Sept, Singapore Airlines (SIA) had to retrench many employees as well.

Helping Those Retrenched

Still, that doesn’t mean they won’t get compensated.

According to The Straits Times, any retrenched SIA staff will receive one month of pay for every year of service, capping off at 25 months.

Those affected will also be paid in lieu of the notice period in their employment contract.

A total of 2,400 people being retrenched.

An SIA spokesman mentioned that they discussing retrenchment benefits with Singapore-based unions.

“SIA is working closely with them to finalise the arrangements for those who are affected so as to minimise the stress and anxiety on our people.”

But what about the foreigners who work for SIA?

The spokesman mentioned that arrangements would be made for them to clear any matters here before returning home.

Scoot Also Affected

The retrenchment also extends to their budget flight alternative, Scoot.

They started handing out pink slips to retrenched staff on 11 Sept, with details on compensation packages.

A spokesman said that these employees will be provided more information in the coming days.

Image: flyscoot

They will receive compensation on terms that have been negotiated and agreed with the union in the collective agreement.

However, affected staff will still be covered for hospitalisation and surgical expenses until 31 March 2021. Those in need of repatriation support will also get assistance.

“We are committed to ensuring they are provided with appropriate support and resources, and have arranged for professional counsellors and a repatriation and re-location consultant to be present at the exercise.”

They’ve also arranged for transport home for the affected staff.

Scoot also plans to publish an alumni talent directory. This would help the retrenched employees connect to future employers.

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SIA plans to start the same exercise on 14 Sept.

Affected staff have started receiving e-mails informing them of briefing dates. These will be conducted physically at the SIA Training Centre or over the phone if the staff is currently overseas.


In the meantime, if you think this is the end, think again, because this could the beginning of even more retrenchment:

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