If you ever wanted to have a bonding session with your toilet bowl, you get a McSpicy. Although it may feel shiok when you are consuming it, the digestion process is not the best.

Despite that, in this part of the globe, we won’t call it the spiciest burger in the world… then again we eat mala hotpot for fun.

On the other hand, for countries that do not enjoy torturing their taste buds, they are launching the spiciest burger yet, the McSpicy.

The UK Launching McSpicy & Called It The ‘Spiciest Burger Yet’

Mcdonald’s in the UK has launched a seasonal new burger called the McSpicy. It comes with a spicy chicken fillet, lettuce and mayo, sandwiched between two toasted sesame seed buns. Pretty much just like the regular McSpicy that we have here.

If you are a huge KFC fan, you can say that it looks a lot like the KFC’s Zinger burger.

An a la carte McSpicy costs £4.09 (S$7.68) whereas a McSpicy meal costs £5.49 (S$10.31). The meal includes a side of fries and a drink of your choice.

However, the price will vary for different franchises since they set their own prices.

The McSpicy is available from 14 July but it is only available for 6 weeks. That means, if you live in the UK, you can only enjoy the ‘spiciest burger yet’ till 23 August.

Imagine McSpicy being a seasonal item here. Toilets everywhere will be clogged almost instantaneously, and unclogged for months to come.

If you enjoy a bottle of cool milk with your Mcspicy, you can get a free bottle of Happy Meal milk with the My McDonald’s app. The usual price for a bottle of milk from Maccies costs about 79p (S$1.48) but prices vary from branch to branch.

Apparently, the milk is to help people handle the spiciness from the McSpicy. Ha. Ha.

To celebrate the arrival of the McSpicy, McDonald’s in the UK lit up with the highest and lowest tolerance to spice.

In a poll of over 5,000 McDonald’s fans, the Brits in Wolverhampton welcome the “spiciest burger yet” with open arms while the people in Norwich prefer a less spicy option. That means, the branches in Wolverhampton are green and the branches in Norwich are red.

Now that we know that the McSpicy is a hip new thing in another part of the globe, does that make you feel like thanking the McDonald’s in Singapore for not making McSpicy a seasonal thing?

If you want to try out more seasonal items in Singapore, why not check out Burger King‘s Double Ultimate Rendang Angus Beef Burger or KFC cereal fries.

Featured Image: Facebook (WGNTV)

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