Previously, the authorities warned that the coming days will have “high numbers of new Covid-19 cases”.

Thankfully, that day isn’t today.

As of 12pm on 11 Aug 2020, the Ministry of Health (MOH) reported 61 new Covid-19 cases.

This brings the total to 55,353.

There are 2 community cases, both Singaporeans.

MOH also reported 3 imported cases, all of which were kept on Stay-Home-Notice upon their arrival in Singapore.

More details will be released tonight.

Cases on 10 Aug 2020

On 10 Aug 2020, MOH reported 188 new Covid-19 cases in Singapore.

There is 1 case in the community, 55350, who has been identified as a contact of a previously confirmed case.

There are 12 imported cases, 4 Singaporeans/PRs, 1 work pass holder, 4 work permit holders and 3 Dependant’s pass holders:

  • Cases 55205, 55284, 55286 and 55336 are Singaporeans/PRs who returned to Singapore from the Philippines, Bangladesh and India
  • Cases 55283, 55287, 55353, 55354 and 55355 are work pass/work permit holders who arrived in Singapore from the Philippines on 29 Jul 2020.
  • Cases 55226, 55285 and 55328 are dependant’s pass holders who arrived in Singapore from India on 27 and 28 Jul 2020.

Among the 12 imported cases, three are teenagers while one is a three-year-old girl from India holding a Dependant’s pass.

All 12 cases were placed on SHN the moment they arrived in Singapore and served them at dedicated facilities.

It was reported that 99% of the new cases were linked to known clusters. The rest are undergoing epidemiological investigation.

Over the past two weeks, the average number of new cases in the community remained stable at 2 cases per day.

The average number of unlinked cases has also remained stable at 1 case per day.

No new places were added to MOH’s list of places that Covid-19 patients have been to.

For those who want to check out what’s on the list, you can check it out here.

Again, remember that you don’t have to avoid the places, you just have to make sure to monitor your health for the next 14 days if you were there roughly during the same period.

Should you show even the slightest symptoms, please go see a doctor immediately and undergo the swab test, which is now mandatory for every person above 13 years old when you see a doctor for acute respiratory infections for the first time.

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