There is a general consensus on the ground that parking lots are reserved for… well, vehicles. 

Let’s just say, using your body to chope a parking lot isn’t exactly ideal when you’re quite literally putting your life on the (white) line. 

Choping tables at coffee shops with tissue packet is one thing, but choping parking lots with your life is quite another. 

However, a man thought it would be a good idea to use his physical presence to prevent a car from reversing into the parking lot, taking “territorial” to a whole new level. 

Uncle Uses Himself to Chope Parking Lot Spot at Whampoa Market; Refuses to Move Even When the Car Was Backing into Him

A video was uploaded onto the Facebook page SG Road Vigilante of a man standing in a parking space near Whampoa Market at around 2pm on 20 March. 

In the video, the man can be seen planting himself in the lot and waving in order to prevent another car from reversing into the lot. 

Even when the car made attempts to reverse into the lot, presumably to scare the man away, he remained firmly rooted in his spot, refusing to back off. 

Allegedly, before the incident, the car owner was already waiting for an empty space to park the car. 

The man drove into the carpark and parked in front of the car owner before getting out of the car. 

Another car departed from the parking lot, freeing up an empty parking space for the car owner. However, the man walked right into the empty lot and began gesturing at the car owner not to park his car there. 

This resulted in a heated argument between the two sides, each refusing to back down. 

This incident has resulted in much debate, with some netizens pointing out that the man should not be standing in the parking spot in the first place to prevent others from parking.

However, others feel that the car owner did not have to engage in such an aggressive stand-off with the man, even attempting to reverse his car into the man to shoo him away. 

New App Allows People to Chope Parking Lots 

Thankfully, some innovators realised that such “human barriers” are a problem in Singapore, and they have come up with an app that allows people to reserve parking lots before arriving at their destination. 

SureReserve is co-founded by Suchet Bhasin and Neil Meht in 2014, and they hope that the app will help to make the process of parking much smoother. 


You can read more about it here.

Featured Image: Youtube (SG Road Vigilante)

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