We Singaporeans can fight among ourselves over everything and anything but there’s one “king” that (mostly) unites us all – its heavenly-stinkiness, King Durian!

That’s why it’s not surprising that when Sheng Siong Supermarket in Bedok Town Centre started selling durians at the rock-bottom price of just around two cups of coffee, Singaporeans are climbing over each other to grab a piece of the gloriously-thorny fruit.

The Durian Season is Upon Us – It’s Time to Feast

It’s very hard to stop durian fans from wanting to enjoy their favourite fruit, and the task is nigh impossible when those durians are being sold at such a cheap price.

Whoever’s in charge of marketing and sourcing at Sheng Siong can definitely pat themselves on the back for a job well done!

By selling their imported Malaysian durians at just S$2 apiece, fans of the king of fruits have been queueing up at the supermarket since before 9am.

They are also selling larger durians for S$5 and S$10 apiece.

Even the hot sun won’t stop these avid fans from getting what they want – a taste of that yellowish sweetness.

Or bitterness, or whichever durian taste you enjoy!

Two Lorries-worth of Durians to Be Sold with More to Come

Due to the insane response from their customers, with more than 200 people in a line at one point, the staff at Sheng Siong had to suspend the sale at 2pm.

Once the impatiently-eager customers have toned down their excitement, the sale continued at 4pm.

The durians were almost sold out by 7pm.

…and frankly, I’m surprised it took that long to sell out two lorries of durians.

The customers who didn’t manage to buy some came and lined up this morning instead.

When interviewed, 55-year-old retiree, said that she started queueing at 9:30am to buy some durians to make some pastries.

Another interviewee, 30-year-old logistics worker, Mr Lim said that he came prepared to buy S$200-worth of durians to bring back to his family for a huge durian feast.

According to a spokesperson for Sheng Siong, the durian promotion would likely last for two weeks, but of course, while stock lasts.

The supermarket company also has its personnel control the crowds, making sure everyone observe social distancing measures.

The durian stall at Block 102 in Chong Pang also saw a huge turnout, with many people queueing to buy durians despite the hot afternoon sun beating down on them.

Featured Image: Facebook (Sheng Siong Supermarket)

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