Are you a prepaid user who heads to Malaysia often?

If you frequently cross the border to Malaysia every few weeks, you’re probably annoyed of having to carry a portable wifi router around, especially since you have to remember to charge it every day.

Or you’ve probably been to Malaysia only to realise that you’ve forgotten to buy data roaming, and so you’re stuck with wifi in the hotel.

Here’s a tip for all you JB-frequenters: Ditch the portable wifi and your current data plan because Singtel’s 5G Ultimate Plans have you covered in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Yes, in both countries, without having to do anything.

So, what is it?

Singtel Prepaid with unlimited* 5G data and 40GB roaming data.

If you’re a prepaid Singtel customer, there are many options for you to top up your card.

Now, there are updated options, called the Singtel’s Ultimate Plans, for you to top up, especially if you head to Malaysia often.

It comes in three plans, which are valid for four weeks upon top-up:

Image: Singtel

The $40 Ultimate Plan grants you unlimited* 5G local data, 40GB of roaming data in Malaysia, up to 2,000 IDD minutes, unlimited** local minutes and unlimited** local SMS.

This is perfect for those who want to get away from Singapore’s hustle and bustle and head over to JB for a short staycay every week or so.

If you want to beat the weekend crowd, you can even go in on a weekday and work remotely using your 40GB of roaming data, allowing you to get the most out of your plan.

For those of you who don’t travel to Malaysia as frequently, but still go there often enough, the $35 Ultimate Plan may suit your needs better.

You’ll still enjoy unlimited* 5G local data, with 20GB roaming data to Malaysia. You’ll also get to enjoy 1,000 IDD minutes, 1000 local minutes, and 500 local SMS.

You can comfortably play as much mobile legends as you want while your wife shops around in JB’s malls.

If you’re planning to travel to Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, or Thailand, you’ll also be able to use roaming data there under Singtel’s Ultimate plans.

Customers under the $35 Ultimate Plan can use 5GB of their 20GB roaming data in the countries above. Likewise, customers under the $40 Ultimate Plan can use 10GB of their 40GB roaming data in the countries above.

For those who don’t need roaming data, or much data at all, the $15 Ultimate Plan should suffice. This plan gives you 15GB of data along with 500 local minutes and 100 local SMS. You’ll also be able to enjoy free incoming calls and data rollover.

If you want to enjoy these benefits monthly, consider getting Singtel’s Monthly Plans which are auto-recurring on the hi!App every 30 days.

*Unlimited 5G data for $35/$40 Ultimate Plan is subject to Fair Usage Policy of 300GB/600GB of 5G data respectively.

**Unlimited local calls/SMS is subject to Fair Usage Policy of 3,000 local call minutes and 5,000 local SMS for 28 days.

Image: Singtel

The benefits of each plan are all the same, but there’s an additional YAY Plan.

The $19.90 YAY Plan is for customers who want to enjoy the superior speed of 5G data but have no need for roaming data.

Under this plan, customers can enjoy 50GB of 5G data every month.

If your parents or grandparents are the type who enjoy chatting on the phone with their friends all the time, this might be the plan to get for them as up to 1,000 IDD minutes, 2,500 local minutes, and 300 SMS are included in this plan.

The 5G data can also allow them to see their friends clearly during video calls, making it feel like they’re right there with their friends in person.

For a tutorial on how to sign up for  a monthly plan, visit this website.

Enjoy Existing New Rewards for All Singtel Prepaid Users

Now, if you’re already a prepaid customer, here’s another good news.

All Prepaid customers who download the Singtel Prepaid hi!App will get two free spins when they click on “Rewards”.

These spins allow you to win $600,000 worth of prizes including Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 256GB, Nintendo Switch Lite, NTUC FairPrice, Polar Puffs & Cakes Sugar Roll and Curry Chicken Puff and more.

Tip: If you don’t see it, ensure your hi!App is updated to version 4.3.0.

It doesn’t just stop at two free spins, though, because every Singtel Prepaid Ultimate Plan or Monthly Plan top-up allows you to earn chances to spin and win rewards every month.

Yes, you read that right. You can stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 256GB (worth $1,928) every month when you top up your plan!

And if you win NTUC FairPrice vouchers, it basically offsets a portion of what you spent on your data plan, what a win!


Image: Singtel

For more information on other prizes, check out Singtel’s website.

Not a Singtel Prepaid customer?

Fret not. Getting started is easy.

All you have to do is get a new $8 or $15 SIM at any Singtel Shop, 7-Eleven store, or participating prepaid retailers.

For those of you who are already existing Singtel Prepaid customers, it’s also easy.

This begs the question…

Apart from the many monthly rewards you can win, Singtel Prepaid has many other benefits too.

There’s no contract and no pay-per-use charges, so what you see is really what you get.

On top of that, you’ll be able to enjoy an all in one plan, meaning you get data, roaming data, and local and IDD (international direct dialing) calls under your plan.

With Singtel’s 5G Ultimate Plans, you won’t have to worry about running out of data because you’ll be able to enjoy Unlimited 5G data in Singapore!

You’ll no longer have to struggle to get wifi in your room because you’ll be able to keep your data on at all times without worrying about exceeding the limit.

It’s also extra convenient because the hi!App allows you to set up auto top-up via debit or credit card for your monthly plans.

Now, you may be left with the question: Should I get a plan with or without 5G?

Let me help you with that.

With Singtel 5G, you’ll never experience lags when you game again.

Never again will you be that guy who always has 999ms ping and gets scolded by his teammates.

Unless they’re scolding you because you’re just bad at playing, that can’t be helped.

Singtel 5G has 10x faster speeds, allowing you to download 4K movies and shows within seconds.

Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself.

Singtel 5G also has 2x lower latency, allowing you to experience 2x faster response times with less loading and waiting.

Your video calls and movie or music streaming will also be of the best quality due to the better bandwith of Singtel’s 5G, so you’ll never have to worry about your oppa’s face being blurred when you stream his latest music video.

For those of you who like to buy everything online, you can rest assured because Singtel’s 5G gives you better protection when you remit or shop with your phone.

The best part is, you’ll get to enjoy all these 5G benefits from anywhere in Singapore because Singtel 5G is the first in the world to achieve nationwide coverage.

Singel 5G is available indoors at over 400 buildings, and gives you great connectivity even when you’re underground, including in North-east Line MRT stations.

This means you can happily game or stream shows on the MRT without having to worry about any disruptions.

This article was first published on Goody Feed and written in collaboration with Singtel.

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