Lest you’re unaware, June was pretty wet.

And cooling.

Which was a definite boon, considering how most of us were still under ‘house quarantine’. Rainy nights to sleep in?


But it’s a different case now. As Singapore slowly grows out of its Circuit Breaker phase, more and more people have been ‘forced’ to ‘convene’ on the streets. And though employees are still encouraged to work from home wherever possible, a significant portion has been granted ‘bail’ from home to start travelling again.

Well, some would be pleased, at the very least.

But here’s the thing. While the situation in Singapore might have changed, the weather, it seems…

Is still stuck in the past.

And though it was a boon in June…

It might actually prove a menace in a period when everyone’s out and about trying to get their food.

It’ll Still Be Rainy for the First 2 Weeks of July With a Few Rainy Nights

According to the local weatherman, more wet days are expected to come in the next fortnight.

Dammit, July, you’re just as naughty as June. 

Short-duration thundery showers (in the late morning and afternoon) are predicted to occur on most days, with night and morning renditions on an occasional basis.

The daily temperature is expected to range between 24°C & 33°C, with a high of roughly 34°C on a couple of days. On some rainy days, weather.gov.sg warns that the daily minimum temperature could drop to as low as 23°C.

The rainfall for the first half of July 2020 is predicted to be above-average for most parts of the island.

The wet climate is attributed to the presence of the Southwest Monsoon, which has persisted since June 2020. Towards the latter half of the fortnight, “convergence of winds in the surrounding vicinity is expected to bring Sumatra squalls with widespread thundery showers between predawn and morning on one to two days.”

You can view a more detailed version of the weather report down below:

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In June, a monthly total rainfall of 233.8mm was recorded at the Changi climate station, making it the “wettest June in the last 10 years”. The record was previously achieved in June 2011, when a total rainfall of 213mm was recorded.

June 2020 is also the coolest June in the last 20 years, with a monthly mean temperature of 28.1°C. This figure is 0.2°C lower than the long-term June average.

Prepare Your Umbrellas

While Singapore might have moved on with the times, it seems that the weather, rather unfortunately, has not done the same. And so to any office workers who frequent outside eateries for lunch…

You might want to bring an umbrella along for the ride.

Alternatively, you can always walk up to a June or July and ask them (in a polite manner) to cease this tyrannical behaviour. It probably wouldn’t work, but it’s worth a try.

Just kidding, please don’t actually do it. 

Though at the very least, one can at least look forward to a couple of really comfortable nights.

As long as you don’t end up sleeping past your alarm clock, a wet July in the middle of the night should work just fine.

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