When the coronavirus broke out, experts warned us that seniors and the vulnerable are more likely to die from the virus.

However, there is always an exception, isn’t there?

This 106-year-old woman is the exception:

106-Year-Old Woman, Who’s Been Through 2 World Wars & The Spanish Flu, Survives COVID-19 Infection

Image: Sky

A 106-year-old woman is believed to be the UK’s oldest patient to recover from the coronavirus.

She has since been discharged from hospital after making a full recovery and everyone’s rejoicing.

Connie Titchen is a great-grandmother who has lived through two World Wars. And she also lived through the Spanish Flu, which infected a whopping 500 million people and killed up to 50 million people, making it one of the deadliest pandemics in human history.

She was admitted to Birmingham City Hospital last month with suspected pneumonia.

Unfortunately, she later tested positive for COVID-19.

She was sick with the virus for under three weeks before medics declared that she had made a full recovery.

She said, “I feel very lucky that I’ve fought off this virus. I can’t wait to see my family.”

Image: GIFER

She Led A “Really Active Life”

So what’s her secret? How was she able to fight off the coronavirus at such an old age?

The coronavirus is a “novel virus”, which means it’s so new that no one has any immunity to it before yet.

Well, Ms Titchen’s granddaughter Alex Jones said that the great-grandmother of eight kids has always led a “really active life” and had loved to dance, cycle and play golf.

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“She has always cooked for herself too, although she likes a cheeky McDonald’s every now and then. I haven’t told her they are closed,” said Ms Jones.

Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust shared about Ms Titchen’s recovery in a Facebook post.

It said, “Someone else we’d like to give our own round of applause to is Connie. She, like others, is heading home from City Hospital having successfully beaten coronavirus.”

They also pointed out that she was their oldest patient.

“At 106 she is our oldest patient to do so – in fact she may very well be the oldest in the country to do so! Well done Connie.”

You can view the full post here:

She’s Physically Active & Very Independent

Ms Jones said that her secret to old age is that she’s physically active and very independent.

“She had a hip operation back in December and within 30 days she was walking again. She really is amazing and I know all the family can’t wait to see her. She has quite a few fans!”

Ms Jones also thanked the staff at City Hospital saying she “can’t fault” her grandmother’s care.

“I want to thank the staff for all they have done for her during her stay,” she added.

So remember dear reader: if you’re reading this at home while snuggled on the couch or in bed, it’s time to get moving. But don’t leave the house lah; just move from your sofa to your bed 100 times a day to keep yourself fit.

Here’s wishing Ms Titchen longevity and a blessed life.

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