Here’s how Covid-19 spreads:

Man A comes into close contact with Man B and Man C. Man B comes into contact with Man D and Man E. And Man C comes into contact with Man F and Man G.

One month later, Man A, who has Covid-19, could potentially spread the virus to 1,000 people, according to Mr Masagos Zulkifli.

So the entire point of Singapore’s circuit breaker is to stop a person from visiting other people, isolating clusters as much as possible.

Unfortunately, it seems that not everybody understands the “spirit of the rules”, including companies.

A Bakery Chain Has Been Fined for Doing What McDonald’s Did: Rotating Staff Across Outlets

When McDonald’s was suddenly shut down, everybody was wondering, why?

Turns out, McDonald’s has been shifting its employees across outlets in order to deal with manpower issues.

And MOH has confirmed that they had asked McDonald’s to go into full closure to prevent an explosion of Covid-19 cases since we don’t know how many more employees from the 9 outlets went on to other outlets.

According to a media release by Enterprise Singapore, another business in Singapore, Cedele, was also doing the same thing.

They had shifted employees between different outlets and failed to ensure wearing masks and 1-metre safe distancing within the outlets.

Cedele parent company, The Bakery Depot, was fined $1,000 for breaking the rules.

And they’re not the only ones.

Goodman Environmental

Goodman Environmental Group was also fined $1,000.

They were caught for:

  • Failing to put into place health and temperature checks for employees
  • Not properly tracking staff members from split teams
  • Failing to enforce 1-metre safe distancing among employees

Big Brother Is Watching

ESG’s media release also contains a warning for Singapore businesses.

As Singapore is getting ready to reopen the economy gradually, they (ESG) will start stepping up inspections to complement the gradual restart.

Most companies inspected, they added, are compliant with the rules and regulations.

Employees who can work from home are working from home while those who have to be on-site are well-informed about the measures in place at the company.

For companies wishing to make sure they did everything right, here’s are a few measures to follow:

  • Ensuring one-metre safe distance between workstations, seats in meeting rooms, pantry and common areas.
  • Ensuring that all employees in the office and at worksites wear masks at all times.
  • Regular and active monitoring and recording of the health status of all workers and visitors to the workplace.
  • Ensuring that only essential employees who have been approved by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) return to offices and work sites.
  • No cross-deployment of workers between offices and worksites and ensuring no interaction of employees during shift changes.
  • Implementing SafeEntry at the workplace and ensuring that employees have downloaded and activated the TraceTogether app.
  • Ensuring regular and thorough cleaning and disinfection of workplaces, especially for common equipment used between shifts.

You can check out MOM’s website for more information.

ESG also added that they will “not hesitate to take actions” against any companies found flouting the rules.

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