Myopia is a common medical condition that affects many people around the world.

According to a data set presented by the Ministry of Health (MOH), around 83% of young adults in Singapore are Myopic.

It is projected that by 2050, about 80% to 90% of Singapore’s population will become Myopic.

However, we are lucky that with the technologies present these days, Myopia can be easily treated with procedures such as LASIK.

However, a woman in China was not so lucky as her degree was so high that her doctor had to remove her eyeballs.

3,000 degrees Myopia

According to 8World, Ms Liang, a woman from China, suffered from a very bad case of Myopia.

It was so bad to the point that the average machinery could not detect how many degrees her Myopia was.

This led to the doctors at the hospital resorting to a form of manual calculation to help calculate her degrees.

They did so by looking at her eye axis. Normally, a person’s eyeball’s axial length should be around 22mm to 24mm.

However, in the case of Ms Liang’s eyeballs, they were at 35mm as if they were over-inflated balloons due to the severe case of her long-term Myopia. This axial length is 50% more compared to the average human’s eyeball.

After the test and calculations, the doctors diagnosed Ms Liang with a degree of 3,000.

Eyeball Could Have Dropped Out When Coughing

Due to the abnormal axial length of her eyeballs, Ms Liang’s retina grew very thin.

The retina is basically layers of nerve tissue that are attached to the back of the eye. It helps to receive images and sends them as electric signals to the brain.

It was thin to the point that if Ms Liang were to sneeze or cough too hard, her eyeball would detach out of the socket.

Eyes Had to be Removed

Due to her very poor eyesight, Ms Liang would often see “objects” blocking her sight, which she would later realise that it is due to her retina slowly detaching.

Furthermore, due to her Myopia, Ms Liang had no choice but to use a 1.2cm thick spectacle lens to help her see.

If you think your 250 degrees lens is very uncomfortable, just imagine the torment that she had to go through.

However, even with specs, Ms Liang would sometimes have difficulty seeing the road ahead of her, especially when climbing the stairs, where she had fallen on various occasions.

To help fix her worsening condition, Ms Liang went for four retinal repair surgeries. However, they were not of much help.

Eventually, her health worsened when Glaucoma(eye disease) complications came about due to the multiple treatments.

Left with no other options, Ms Liang’s doctor was forced to make the difficult decision of removing her eyes and replacing them with prosthetic ones.

Featured Image: Economic Live & Shutterstock (Goldendayz)

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