All McDonald’s Outlets ‘Close’ Early Due to High Demand on First Day of Reopening

Do you know that on the day New Zealand ended their lockdown, people missed fast food so much that they caused some McDonald’s and KFC outlets to run out of ingredients?

Some stores even had to close early.

And guess what?

Whatever happens elsewhere, happens here, too.

McDonald’s ‘Closes’ Early Due to High Demand on First Day of Reopening

This morning, images on social media showed that there was no chaos at McDonald’s outlets.

While there were still queues in the outlets, it’s not that bad as McDonald’s has implemented strict safe-distancing measures.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)
Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

Ordering online would be different, too.

Go to their app or website and you’d see this:

Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

Lest you can’t read:

Thank you for choosing McDelivery! Our current operating hours is 7:00am to 9:00pm (last order at 8:30pm).

All in the spirit of safety first, we’ve gone 100% contactless delivery and will only be accepting cashless payments.

To give our customers a pleasant ordering experience, we are using a virtual queue system to limit the number of customers accessing the McDelivery portal at the same time.

Please do not close or refresh this page as you are being placed in the queue. Thank you for your patience!

I managed to get into the page after 20 minutes or so this morning. And for my lunch, I decided to try ordering and guess what?

In my Grab app, all the outlets in my area were “temporarily closed” (they’re open physically), and I couldn’t wait for the queue in the McDelivery website.

So it turns out that later in the afternoon, the queues have got longer.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

In fact, much longer:

Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

Which eventually leads to this:

Yeah. They were supposed to have their last order at 8:30pm, but now, they’re “closing” at 7pm instead.

At least that’d not lead to GrabFood riders spewing expletives at the staff and eventually got viral online.

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It’s unknown whether they’d eventually change the opening hours daily or it’s just for today, but nevertheless, it’d be best to just wait for a few more days before you fulfil your McDonald’s desire.

In case you’re wondering if McDonald’s has decided to do an Apple stunt, here’s your answer: no, they’re not trying to create scarcity for their food.

Instead, it’s all about the lack of manpower.

Senior Workers Told to Stay Home

A few days before the shutters closed on all McDonald’s outlets last month, the fast-food giant had announced that in an effort to keep their senior workers safe, the seniors are told to stay home and would still be paid.

From then on, McDonald’s stopped takeaway and only allowed delivery.


The other reason is that McDonald’s has stopped moving staff across outlets—the very reason that could have caused them to shut down.

Moving staff across outlets is a common business practice that helps to ensure that manpower in an outlet is sufficient, so this new policy would have led to a manpower crunch in certain outlets.

So while you complain about the long queues, be it online or offline, try to be more understanding.

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