Drink-Driving Accident at TPE Leaves Car Overturned & 3 Injured

“Don’t drink and drive” is a saying everyone has heard to absolute death. It makes sense. Singaporean drivers are bad enough sober, what would they be like under the influence of alcohol?

On 30 June 2024, in the early hours of 5:06 am, a drunk driver in a Volkswagen Golf decided to answer that question.

In footage from Singapore roads accident.com, the white Volkswagen sped down the Tampines Expressway (TPE). It directly collided with the rear of a black van.

Van Violently Spins Into Road Divider

The black van was sent spinning into the road divider in a bright shower of sparks.

Image: Facebook (@Singapore road accidents.com)

Meanwhile, the offending Volkswagen can be seen overturning on the road, nearly hitting another black car in the middle lane.

A video uploaded to SG Road Vigilante showcased the aftermath. The unfortunate black van was at the roadside, showing signs of significant damage.

Image: Facebook (@SG Road Vigilante – SGRV)

The white Volkswagen, meanwhile, displayed the drunk driver’s bad parking skills by being turned turtle on the leftmost TPE lane.

Image: Facebook (@SG Road Vigilante – SGRV)

Three Injured Motorists Sent to Hospital 

According to Lianhe Zaobao, the 25-year-old van driver and a 54-year-old passenger were sent to the hospital in a conscious state.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) also stated that they had arrested the driver of the Volkswagen in the TPE accident for drink-driving. He is currently receiving treatment in a hospital.

He is reportedly just 19 years old. At that age, I was worrying over my poly grades, not nearly killing two other people in a car crash.

Police investigations are currently ongoing.

Driving after several shots of wine might seem like a minor crime to some, especially those confident in their driving abilities.

However, according to the SPF, there were 180 cases of drink-driving accidents in 2023, 11 of which ended in completely avoidable fatalities.

One thankfully non-fatal example occurred on Yishun Avenue 8 in May 2022. A cement truck driver fell asleep at the wheel after indulging in alcohol.

He collided with a lorry, causing a chain collision and injuring three others. One man even suffered pelvic fractures as a result.

The offence of drink-driving carries a fine between S$2,000 and S$10,000, up to 12 months in jail, or both.

Cars are, after all, heavy machinery with a pretty coat of paint. They can do serious damage when accidents occur.

Even if you think you’re a god of driving, it is not worth the risks to yourself and others to drink and drive. Plan ahead and use other forms of transport like taxis to get home safely.

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