Duck in Grab Uniform Assisting Delivery Rider in Shopping Mall Went Viral

When you get your Grab meal delivery, don’t forget to rate your rider five stars. That’s right, five whole stars for the…duck?

A viral TikTok by @denniscaag20 in the Philippines showed the amusing sight of a GrabFood rider in a shopping mall. Lending him a wing was, presumably, his pet duck.

The feathered friend even donned a Grab uniform over its tail to match its owner.

Image: TikTok (@denniscaag20)

It seems even ducks are having to take jobs as delivery riders in this economy.

Grab Duck Rides Escalator

Luckily, the duck proved more well-disciplined than any kids in shopping centres, following beside the Grab rider and even taking the escalator up and down with him.

The owner kept a lookout for his pet’s safety, lifting it before the end of the escalator, which as we know, is the most dangerous part of a shopping mall.

Image: TikTok (@denniscaag20)

Meal pickup presumably successful, the dynamic duo waddled away out of the mall.

The adorable video caught the hearts of many a netizen.

Even the official TikTok account for Grab Singapore chimed in with “cutest thing we’ve seen all week.”

“Never skipping grab duck content,” another commenter said.

Wait…does this mean…there’s more Grab Duck out there?

Grab Delivery Duck Already Viral Icon

As it turns out, yes! The iconic Grab delivery rider and his duck have been spotted on multiple occasions prior.

A TikTok video on 21 May this year by user @christian.lacson0 showed the Grab Duck waiting patiently as his owner ordered.

Image: TikTok (@christian.lacson0)

Another TikTok video even showed the Grab Duck chilling on a makeshift wooden seat on the Grab rider’s motorcycle.

Image: TikTok (

The dignified duck truly is a part of the delivery process every step of the way. It went above and beyond like the Grab rider who delivered Singapore chicken rice to Thailand.

What an adorable sight. But how come we don’t see Singapore’s ducks pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and taking jobs? Truly a strawberry generation.

The actual answer probably lies in the fact that the Philippines has numerous pet-friendly shopping centres.

Singapore has just one: One Holland Village.

As it stands, bringing your duck, dog, or cat to a shopping mall to help with your GrabFood job is probably going to end with security stepping in.

However, I’m still holding out hope to see a panda helping with my foodpanda delivery.

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